Where did all of the MECFS posts go? Why did it all go to Fibromyalgia?!?!

Discussion in 'New Forums Layout' started by patcfs, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. patcfs

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS was the reason I came here for over a decade. Now if people see that there is nothing left in that forum, it feels like there is no more place for us. We are pushed out! Many other people feel the same way. This was a mistake to separate everything.

    You ostracized many people who need your help! Instead, you give it all to Fibromyalgia, the one diseases that already has the most attention in media and medicine. You should have given more focus to the diseases that need the help the most. Now, we come here and see that there is no longer a place for us. :-(
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  2. BarbwireNlace

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    I know....came here looking for doctors....and there is nothing! What a let down!
  3. bct

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    I have had the same questions about the forums as you do, patcfs. Look at the number of posts under FM and the ones under CFS and you will find the disparity very amazing! Actually too amazing to be real! Hope the moderators take a look at this.

    Barry: CFS/ME only.
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    I think it's indefensible and disgraceful!! People with CFS who suffer (as I do) with extreme weakness and other issues, NOT just Fibro now have nowhere to go on this Pro Health site. OK Adios Pro Health Sinking -- on to Phoenix Rising.

    Very Disappointed.