Where did God go?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by razorqueen, May 20, 2006.

  1. razorqueen

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    I know that is a stupid question. As a christian I know that it is me who has stepped away, not God. And I know He is holding me in the palm of His hand, but I wish I could feel it. I wish I could feel SOMETHING! Something other than pain and fatigue.

    Does anyone else ever struggle with their relationship with God? It seems that it been quite awhile since I've desired to get into the Word. I go to a big church and don't have anyone who cares wether I am there or not. I just came home from a farewell weiner roast for someone who was supposed to be a good friend. I arrived late as I had to work and maybe only 2 or 3 ladies acknowledged my pressence. I didn't stay very long. My husband and son are still there, as we were in separate vehicles. It was cold and windy and my muscles just could take it anymore. No one noticed I was leaving.

    I KNOW this is a lie, but it feels like God isn't interested in me at all. I'm so tired, lonely and just want to have some caring friends in my life. I can't even cry anymore. I've been hurt too many times.

    If you can find the time, please pray for me. I need to feel God in my life and I need the desire to get Him back in the #1 position He deserves.

  2. Pottersclay

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    You answered your question and gave the solution to your problem.
    God is there always. He never moves. When we feel God has moved then we need to sit down and look at our life. Do we dg into Gods word as much as we used to. The bible is the manual for life. Gods word is in there...his answers. In all cases it is "WE" that have moved...NEVER God. Jesus is always interested in our life. It is the devil talking if you believe God has abandoned you and has stopped caring.

    As for friends....I am still licking my wounds over one.I miss her anyway. I also have some that are a great joy in my life.

    People sometimes will let you down because we are human with a sinful nature. God does not sin. He has promised us he will be there for us, etc...

    Joshua 1:5, Hebrews 13:5, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Job 10:12, John 16:33, Psalm 119:105, Jeremiah 15:16,Matthew 4:4....to name a few.

    A new friend,
  3. windblade

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    Yes, I have felt frustrated countless times, angry at the terrible pain and injustices in the world, and just downright lonely at wanting to feel and experience God's presence.

    To hear his words TO ME!

    I think that is a separation pain until we are with him,
    and can know him fully!

    I'm SO GLAD you found your way here!

    p.s. Two Christian authors I enjoyed very much were: Jan Karon, and Penelope Stokes
  4. dejovu

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    I think you just made a whole lot of friends. Satin does try and drive a wedge between us and God, when that happens to me I come here and ask these wonderful people to pray for me. Please come back and enjoy the support and friendship and fellowship of this group. Praying for you. De
  5. bigmh

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    Hi Bonnie...your post hit hard as I have had all of the same feelings. This is a lonely disease, an invisible one in many ways, and I, too, long for the friends and social life that I used to have.

    I see that you live on a cattle ranch in Manitoba. We have orchards in E. Washington, and although the "crops" are different, the rural life can seomtimes be lonely. I have said prayers for you, and as others have said, God NEVER leaves us. I have found that the more I read my Bible and pray, the closer to God I feel. I..**ANN** have to take the first step.

    A few years ago, God gave me a mental picture of offering my two hands to him and asking him each day to hold them. I pray that He will not let me let go, and I know that He WON"T let go. To me, raising my hands to Him and asking for His touch has been so healing. Maybe it will help you, too.

    I worship at a large church, too, but our church has small groups. I can't always attend (we meet every 2 weeks), but I try as often as my painful body will allow. The same goes for church. So in the middle of a big church, I have found friends, but the effort difficult.

    The wonderful blessings of God are all around you, and I pray that you will see and feel his presence today. I am reading The One Year Bible. This, too, helps keep my accountable and in the word daily. As you said, I think this, too, helps me keep Him in first place in my life. I try hard to protect my morning devotional time to Him as it is the most important part of my day.

    He loves you, Bonnie...and I will continue to pray for you.

    Love in Christ, Ann
  6. razorqueen

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    for the words of encouragment that I needed to hear. Thanks for carring. You know, when my hubby got home, he said this one particular lady asked him if I'd gone home already. I was sitting in a group with her, and she wouldn't even acknowledge my presence! I said to him, well, how nice of her to ask about me after I am gone! To bad she couldn't talk to me when I was right there! I really don't understand it all.

    Anyways, You all touched me. I am glad I found the worship board. I pray that God will bless you all greatly!

  7. Asatrump

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    I am sorry the church family didn't offer support. We can't make people into what we want them to be. We will pray for you.
  8. caffey

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    It is tough when we have chronic illnesses. We feel abandoned by people and God. We get angry because people don't live up to our expectations. God is with you whether you feel Him or not. Just rest and know that He loves you so much and you are so special to Him. When things are dark I put on some quiet Christian music and play it. I have certain cd's that I play over and over and then I begin to feel His Prescence. I also sometimes have to force myself to read my Bible. I read a lot in the Psalms and mark all the characteristics of God and the things He said He has done, is doing and will do for me. When I do this it gives me faith. Father I just ask that You give Bonie Your peace. I ask that You please reveal Yourself to her in a special personal way. Please send some people along her way that will be able to encourage her Amen. You are loved and a special person.
    Psalm 62:5-8
  9. Shirl

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    I am one that understands how you are feeling right now. Its hard when the church family is not compassionate, but lets be honest, they are just human, and do not really feel what we are feeling. No one does, unless they have 'been where you are'.

    You are right, God never leaves us, no matter how bad things are, we can be assured He is always with us, even in our darkest hours.

    I have been waiting on Him to show me what to do, or to do something in my life right now for almost an entire year, yes, I do get discouraged, but I always remember that He is there, and His timing and my sense of timing is not the same. He does things in a complete manner, and we do things half way most of the time!

    There are also times when I can't even pray, thats when I come here and ask other Christians to pray for me, I get prayed out, we all do at times.

    We need to rest and just thank Him for all His many blessings, and praise His love for us, and know that He will answer our prayers when the time is right, and everything is in place in His divine Wisdom. Its just so hard to wait as we are human and want things to happen right now.

    Take care and you will be in my prayers. I am very good at praying for others right now, but not for myself. I think that is God's way of disiplining us not to forget others when our lives are such a mess.

    He is always on the throne, and prayer does change things!

    God bless.........

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. nanna4550

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    I agree that God promises He will never leave us or abandon us. But He does step back at times. I have experienced it as we all do, but when He does draw close to you again you will feel it and He will be appreciated more. I think He wants us to miss him or deal with something on our own to test what our response will be. Will we seek Him out, try to learn more about Him and what He's up to? Will we pray more? Will we read our bible more? Will we seek out other
    christians to have fellowship with?
    You have done well to ask us to pray for you, He will be pleased. Love, Nanna
  11. lvjesus

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    Try reading some Psalms or just opening your bible and see where God leads you.

    He is always there. Try to take time every day for a little quiet and listen. He is so patient, as you know and will repeat things over and over to us in different ways until we "get it".

    See if something is coming up over and over in different places, like on the radio and books, etc. That is God trying to get your attention.

    Also, try Christian radio if you can get it. Some days I am so down but get charged up listening to praise and worship on the way to work.

    If you have Directv they now have XM sattelite radio and there are 3 Christian music stations on there.

    God Bless,