Where did my mind go?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chestercat, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Chestercat

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    Up until last Thursday I was smugly congratulating myself on being so organized and together on the run up to Christmas. Usually at this time of year I am on my knees and not coping at all. I reasoned that because I'd had a bad summer, maybe the winter would be kinder to me. Anyway, not only had I organized November birthday parties for my husband and my 2nd daughter's 21st, I'd planned a party for my youngest daughter's 6th birthday, which was last Friday. I had also mailed all the Christmas cards and written all the letters too. Then on Friday after school I took my youngest daughter swimming for a birthday treat. I think that was the turning point.
    My pain flared up and Saturday morning was the Christmas Bazaar at the village school. My brain simply wouldn't function - I couldn't hold a proper conversation with anyone. I was overwhelmed by the people, the noise - everything. It was as if my brain had morphed into marbles
    and they all rolled away in different directions. All kinds of feelings bubble away inside....I was close to tears, panic, I felt dizzy, like I was in a plastic ball. This has happened to me many times before, but what makes me so mad is the fact that there is no warning. Then I get angry that I didn't see it coming and why the hell can't I control myself anyway? Does anyone else out there cope with these awful attacks or at least accept them? If you do, HOW DO YOU?
    Chestercat. x
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    Perhaps it was the chemicals (chlorine) in the pool where you brought your daughter swimming. Have you reacted before to chlorine?
  3. lptopcat

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    Same here. I have tried to pace myself and "thought" I was doing a good job of it.

    Lost it today, trying to shop a bit (did most shopping on-line) and Hopefully, get all my shopping done. I was so overwhelmed, I got in my car, and just cried!!!

    I just let it go till i couldn't cry anymore and I felt a bit better. Maybe I needed the relief.

    Try to rest and take it a bit easier.

    Best wishes,

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  4. MelaC

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    Now that is an interesting question and something I have never thought of.

    We went away for a long weekend to a place that had mineral pools and I got so sick. My entire body was in agony and the exhaustion was so bad I was in tears the entire time I could hardly move. I wonder if it was a reaction to the minerals as it was indoors and the smell was very strong.

    I know I get very sick when I go to the indoor pool because of the chlorine.

    Something for me to think about.

  5. Chestercat

    Chestercat New Member

    Up till now, I've just put it down to the different kind of exercise you get when swimming, putting more strain on your body than normal. As we are more sensitive to many things, like noise, light, too many people etc; then perhaps the chlorine somehow triggers a flare.
    Thanks to everyone who posted - hang on in there, one and all!


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