where did my vericose veins go?

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    Hi Everyone.. I posted a while back about an accident that I had. Was about a month ago.
    My leg is still very swelled.. have had 2 ultrasounds on the leg and knee. Thing is.. I had vericose veins real bad around my knee and up my thigh.. but.. now there is just a very slight swelling where they were. its barely there.. but there is a nodule up above where they were.. its sore and I still get reddish around that whole area..

    In case no one read this post. I fell or stepped off a curb in the dark in a rest area.. and came crashing down on both of my knees.. But the right one took the brunt of the fall.. for that one whole leg was so black and blue. and purple all over but up around my knee and down thru.. all around the whole bottem of my leg. which was like wrapped around just under the knee. Looked like my whole leg was put in some kind of vise grip . but anyways.. I was worried about my veins and getting a blood clot.. My GNP.. isn't sure what to do with it anymore. I was on keflex, she thought maybe the layers of the skin had an infection from all of the fluid in there.
    Anyone ever have anything like your veins just leaving? seems like its dangerous..
    Think Im going to call a Dr that does vascular work. my sister inlaw thought would be the one to check it but.. I just wondered if anyone with veins has ever just not have them there anymore?
    Thanks in advance..
    I finally just got off crutches and using a cane.. and started pt yesterday.. which flared up the fibro..
    feel like Ive been run over by a mac truck today and then my left hip is like hurting so bad.
    Had to have ice packs on it before I left.. then I wondered if maybe its too soon for the pt..?
    Thanks again
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    bumping to so if anyone has any ideas on this
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    I recently had two blood clots in my leg, associated with brutal varicose viens and pregnancy. If you have a lump there is definately a good chance you could have a blood clot. Probably superficial which means it's not in a large vien, but a smaller one. These type are usually only treated with Ibuprophen for the pain. Regardless, if it is one, you need to know as it could still break off, the concern with all blood clots. I'm no medical expert, just someone with experience in that area. The only way to tell is to have an ultrasound of your viens. I would strongly recommend asking your doc for one ASAP, or going to emerg to obtain it. My mother recently got one by trauma to the area, similar to your little accident. Don't be touching it or anything either. Just ask if you have more questions. Nap Time, be on later.
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    I did have 2 ultrasounds done on this.. but they couldnt find anything on them.. I mean I am kind of glad that they are not there but it makes me nervous to think.. well where did they go.. I called my Dr to have it checked.. I go tomorrow .. actually I called to ask them for a referral to see a Vascular Dr.. one who deals with vericose veins..
    after all this time.. I would think they would figure out what is going on .. I have had many Drs look at it already.. they dont seem to know either what is going on..

    The one I see.. isnt really a Dr.. shes a GNP.. there is a Dr in the office but I rarely see her. its usually the one that I see already.. That or its just the days that I happen to go in.. and the Dr isnt in that day..

    Right now.. its like about a 4 to 5 inch area.. around the inside of the knee or just up above the knee cap that it stays.. the redness hasn't spread any further.. plus its kind of turning like a light brownish color where it was all red.. its just strange that no one seems to know what the heck to do.. or what is going on with it...
    Thank you for your reply back on this..
    It was so far back that I had to do a search on my name to bring up the post..
    Have a good day.. and thank you again..
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    I went to see a Vascular Surgeon.. on friday..
    After having the 2 ultrasounds on my leg.. after my accident.. they said no blood clots.. I go friday and they do another one.. only this time.. they had me stand for part of it. They find a blood clot!... arggg Im very frustrated and now question the Technicians at the hospital where I went.. well either them or the one that reads them!.. or both!..
    He also said that they veins were damaged and the nodule was where the blood clot was.. it was a superficial one? never heard of that one but.. anyways..

    My leg may never go completely down.. its been 8 wks.. and the swelling is still there. not quite as bad but.. feel like a freak.. never had the best looking legs in town as it was!..

    The surgeon, said to just take aspirin..( which I cant take due to it about killing my stomach..
    and suggested to wear the knee high stockings.. well.. seems like that would make it worse.. I can't imagine wearing them .. but.. I did go down stairs at the Clinic and proceed to get them to at least try..
    waited for almost 45 min.. and they tell me that my medicare and the medicade wont pay.. so...........

    When I got home I called.. would have went back up but.. I was exhausted.. sO when I called.. I spoke with a nurse and she said to just get a good pair of support hose.. instead.. the knee highs.. are almost 45.00 with the tax!. highway robbery..

    All due to my accident.. is hard to believe it only takes a few seconds to really alter your life.. and your body..

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