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  1. Sra

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    I do not know if I have Fibro, I have not been diagnosed. I seem to have all the symptoms. I guess I sort of thought I had it for a few years now, but tried to ignore it. Lately I am more sore - more often (my back, shoulders, arms, wrists and legs). I'm so tired and a little shakey/nervous. I also get headaches that sometimes turn into migranes. And sometimes I don't! I have good days and bad days. But like I said, lately it is worse. My husband finally believes something is not right. I feel like I have to force myself to do anything! I am also allergic to laundry detergent, and night blind, and have irritable bowel that I won't go into. I know I should see a Rheumatologist??, but how do I go about it? Will they see me without having a family doctor send me there? My worst fear is having a doctor not believe me. I once went to a dermatologist to get some moles checked out and he looked at me and pointed to each of the moles I showed him and said "Live with it, live with it, live with it. What else?" Rude! Anyway, does it sound like Fibromyalgia? The main reason I think it may be is because I have been this way for years, it's just worse lately.??? Any advice?
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    It sounds like FM but you need a true diagnosis by someone who believes and is trained to check the tender points. You didn't say whether you had a family doctor or not. If not, I would contact the Medical Board and ask them for the names of doctors that treat FM, at least you know he or she is a believer. If you have a family doctor and he or she just shrugs it off like the dermatologist you had, I would shop around for another doctor. I know people say this is unheard of, you never change doctors. I did and it was the best move I ever made. I got charged $25.00 transfer fee they call it.
    I hope you told that dermatologist to correct the problem. That's what you came in for.If you did and he would not or the end result was you left without being worked on, don't let him discourage you.Keep an eye on the moles and find someone who will do the procedure for you. I've had that done twice, they scab then fall off. No biggie...
    Start your search and get your life in order (as much as we can have it in order)
    Bye for now..........basket21
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    Thank you! I will check out that tab. I have to admit, you are the first person with Fibromyalgia that I've talked to about this, and your saying that it sounds like it, hits pretty hard. But I feel like I already know/knew it. I am to the point where I need a diagnoses just for peace of mind because there is definately something wrong. Thanks again, it's a start.
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    Hi Sra, welcome to the board, you have many symptoms of FM, but you need to go to a doctor for confirmation, as it could be something else you are experiencing.

    Since I gave up on the medical profession years ago, I will let the other members share with you about the tests and so on that is necessary to rule out other problems before they will diagnose with Fibro. There is no one test other than the 'Pressure Point' test to determine this illness.

    We do have a 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this board that lists doctors by states that do treat FM/CFS, hopefully there is one in your area.

    Do you sleep well? most of your symptoms are familiar to me, but I noticed you didn't mention sleeping. That seems to be a common thread between all those who have Fibro.

    The board is slow on the weekends, so be patient with us, more of the members will return on Monday.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope you find some answers soon.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I'm praying that it's not FM/CFIDS. If it is you're in the right place. Just sending prayers for tonight.
    Love, Selma
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    I do not have a family doctor. I only had a gynecologist who recently retired. I will check out the referral tab on this site. Re: the nasty dermatologist...after he told me to 'live with it' I showed him another mole on my shoulder and he said it had to go and removed it. The test results on it were negative for cancer, but abnormal. Then he said I should go in every year to get checked. He wouldn't take the ones on my face off the way I wanted him to. He said he would only cut them out and stitch them up. Not exactly what I want done on my nose! Especially since I scar easily. So I have found someone and had them done the way you described. Anyway, thanks for your reply! I appreciate it!
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    You asked if I sleep well. I go through times where I sleep through the night, but wake up feeling horrible/stiff/unrefreshed anyway?? I've also gone through periods of time where I wake up throughout the night or just toss and turn. I also have a 3-year-old who sometimes likes to sneak in at night, that doesn't help, but he usually stays in his own bed. I've also had times where I wake up with a numb hand???? I just kind of shake it out and it's fine, but it's not like I'm sleeping on it or anything. I think I've even had that happen to both hands. That hasn't happened lately. Does that sound familiar to you?
    Thanks for your help!
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    SRA, I usually wake up with a numb hand, only for me it has turned into pins and needles and in turn, into a burning sensation. The only way I can even start to make it go away naturally is to stand up and keep my hands at my side - not a good way to sleep, that's for sure!

    But I beg you, see a doctor. Don't give up if your doctor puts you through tests for other things. That's what they must do to rule out other things that can kill you - such as suspected heart problems in my case. It is even possible you are suffering from two more more different things. Your doctor may want to see you over a period of months before making any diagnosis of fibromyalgia - mine did, because I did not show classic response then to the tender points test.

    I had a good internist who was a good advocate for me. Even so, a couple of the doctors he sent me to previous to my diagnosis were not adequate to my needs. Whenever that happened, we found someone else. The doctor who diagnosed me was a physiatrist - a specialist in rehabilatative medicine. When my internist suspected fibromyalgia, he wanted to send me to the physiatrist, but because that man was gone temporarily, I had to wait three months for an appointment. Then, when he got back and did see me, he said I didn't have fibromyalgia, but woud see me in a month. It was three more months before he diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome, and later, fibromyalgia. He now supplies me with advice and medications that pulled me out of a real hole.

    It takes a lot of stick-to-it-ive-ness to get to this diagnosis. Perhaps you have something that will be easier to determine. I hope so. Nevertheless, you must start by seeing a doctor. Mine was not able to help me for some time in the way my physiatrist could, but he did start me on medications that helped some - and most importantly, he finally got me to the wonderful person who has been helping me since.

    As to being afraid your doctor won't believe you, if you find such a doctor, leave him and go to another! He may not believe you have fibromyalgia - and that's okay if he suspects something else - but if he does not believe your symptoms, you're seeing the wrong person.
  9. Kathryn

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    You sound just like me a few years ago. I fought the pain and other symptoms until I just couldn't do it any longer. I attributed my IBS to food allergies, as I have a lengthy history of allergies. One evening, I was checking out a friends web site and discovered a link to a fibromyalgia site. The first thing I saw was a list of symptoms......BINGO!!! I made an appointment with my doctor, gave him my list, showed him the symptom list, and said, "I think this may be what I have". He told me he had suspected it for a long time, but didn't think I wanted to hear it, and made an appointment with the OHSU FMS Clinic. You can expect both good and bad days. It is important that you don't overdo things on your good days. I guarantee that you will regret it later. If you live within travelling distance of a university hospital, try to get into one of their clinics for diagnosis. You will want the rheumatology department. Also, you might go back and fill out your profile. Put in only what information that you feel comfortable sharing. If you name your state/province/country, somebody here might be able to suggest a doctor near you. Hope that you continue to have more good days than bad.
  10. Sra

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    Kathryn, I too have always attributed my IBS problems to food. I always thought I was just lactose intolerant. But in the last few years, I changed my mind and realized I'm that way with or without milk products. UHG!

    Pearls, I promise - I will see a doctor! This is my stepping stone to that point! I will make a list of my symptoms to bring as Kathryn did, because I know I will get nervous and forget everything. I'm not looking forward to all the tests, but I know I have to.

    Thanks to you both!
  11. Shirl

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    Oh yes, those sleeping 'trials' are most familiar! (Smile!).

    I lived like that for my entire adult life. You have all the same symptoms that I have. I am so sorry that you do.

    I got Fibro three months after my daughter was born, so I know what it is also to have young children and feel like that too. My three children are all grown now, but those memories do not fade!

    Please let us know how you do with the doctor, and I see you got a lot of good advice from the others in that area.

    Take care, and do come back often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  12. basket21

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    Three years ago I would wake up with numb hand then hands. When the life came back into them it was so painful! My family doctor sent me to a specialist(I can't remember the name of his speciality) who put wires on my wrists and told me my right hand had bad carpal tunnel, the muscles tighten up so much your hand ends up with blockage. He said go to a plastic surgeon as they will do a nicer job. We're talking about cutting your wrists so you want an invisible line so people don't think I tried suicide or whatever. The plastic surgeon did a really nice job. I told him I had the numbness in the other hand and did I need to go back to the specialist with the wires. He said no, its a given its the same problem. A few months later he operated on the other hand and I've been great since then.
    No they don't put you to sleep but you feel nothing during the operation and go to your family doctor in 10 days to have the stitches removed. Don't procrastinate, it feels so much better. I'm not saying you have the same problem, just saying what my outcome was. Take care..........basket21