Where has this day gone?

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    Here I sit wondering just where did this day go?
    I had so mcuh I needed to do.
    Yet , thoses things I had to do are still undone.
    My body is tired and aching so.
    I just can't quite think you know.
    There are dishes that need to be done,
    a bed to make, then it's time for
    someting to eat.
    When I got up I knew just what I wanted to do.
    So what has happened to all the things I had to do.

    Nothing as they still are there.
    And still here I sit.
    So tired and fatiqued that moving I can't do.
    I sit here aching with pain
    it is here every day
    I really hope that it will go away

    AS I look around and see what I need to do
    I know that it can wait but why
    Why does this ache and pains,
    take over my mind.

    I must get up and moving soon
    or my day will be done and I still have things to do.
    Ahouse to clean for my daughter you see is comming home for a week or three. So a roon she needs and I much find a bed in her room it was there the last time I looked

    A daughter is on her way to see this granson of mine.
    She is his Auntie you see, and want him to see her,
    She wants to meet him and hear him say HA HA
    I know that my life has so much good
    Os off to the room I go so she can sleep there you know.

    I need to find that joy I had
    as I look around I hear some thing
    so sweet, What is it you ask
    the sound of my grandson laughing at me.

    He does not know that his grandma hurts
    he just thinks she is funny
    He crawls upon my knee and makess faces at me.
    Then down he goes , he has spotted the dog.
    He yells at her in his baby talk then sits down hard
    and just laughs, and out the door he goes
    a hose he has found with the cold water in it
    a little foot steps on it to stop the water and he quicky pulls his toes back as they are cold , but wait down goes his little toes trying to stop the water from going.
    HA HA he says.

    AS I watch him on the move.
    I wish that I had his get up and go
    He is but a babe , learning to walk
    for him falling down is some thing fun
    and he gets right up again, and is one the run.

    How is it that one so small
    can teach me that life is not so bad after all
    I see him walking to ward me with his hands
    held out for me to catch.
    what joy he brings each day of my life.

    May be the things can wait.
    My aches and pain will always be here
    but he will grow up fast you know,
    I have learned that I should move
    to play and chase this grandson of mine

    His laugh brings light into my life
    He loves me and has not a care about my pain
    Just come and play with me he says
    in baby talk that soon will be gone
    So off I go to play with this grandson of mine
    beds will wait and dinner too.
    For there is someone who needs me and wants to play
    I love those arms streched out for me to catch
    as he toddles toward me.
    His face has a smile so sweet
    What a gift he is this grandson of mine.

    Don't ask wehre that came from as I am not a poet. I was just watching the vidieo I don't usually write like that and I don't know where is came from but I wanted to share with you what I saw this weekend. Braxton tryed so hard to step on the water and make it stop and it would run over his toes and he was laughing so hard. HE was walking on the lawn that was just watered and still had puddle sowater in it andhe would pick up his feet and look down at the hose , trying to grab it and get his fingers in to it.

    I hope that you like this thought of mine as a poet I am not. I just had so share with you the joy he was bringing to me. He really helps me to forget my pain . I was watching him walk and he was trying to get in to the woodburning stove. My daughter said NO and you would have thought she had left him alone and down on the floor he went crying and cussing at her Ga Ga MaW MAW he cried so hard and then he stood up and walked over to is mommy wiwth big crockidail tears in his eyes wanting to be loved. It was so cute to see him that day.

    I have awatched this videio so many times that I know it by heart . I have got him on tape just learning to walk and when he has no shoes on he walks quite well but on sunday he went to church so on went the sunday shoes and he could not walk as fast or as well with those shooes on him but it looked so funny so I had to tape him.
    He weighs 23 lbs now and has blond blond hair and has the cubbest cheeks you have ever seen, for some reason he has picked up this fake laugh and will out of the blue look at you and HA HA. He is so cute and I love him so.
    Now that I have rambled on and on about nothing really and wrote a sort of poem.I hope that you can pitcure what I saw. And maybe he will make you feel better too.
    Yes I still ache , feeling rotten and wanting to schream but after looking at his sweet face makes me smile more.

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    What a beautiful poem. And how true.

    my grandchildren are all grown but I have a great-granddaughter that can make me laugh. she doesn't live near me but her parents have a web-site where they blog about her and put pictures on this. I have seen her grow this way and smile when I see her.

    Her mother talks to my daughter about every day and tells her (and she phones me) about her beginning to crawl, her first time to stand, what she gets into and just laughs.

    That means so much to me.

    Gentle Hugs

    Joan (oh yes, she is 9 months old)
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    congrats! you done good girl!

    You put into words exactly what I feel when I am with my four youngest little grandchildren, ages 4,3,2 and 2
    It gives me a high like nothing else and I will print your poem and re read it often.

    Thanks again and keep writing

    love, CArolyn