Where in newspaper should awareness day be?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, May 11, 2006.

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    Good day to all and I hope the majority of you feel well enough, considering the circumstances of this disease?
    I have looked everywhere in all of my local newspapers for any articles about awareness day coming up tomorrow and I can't find it. I'm praying that someone in my town will write something or at least mention it to some degree!! I would love to get more involved, but I'm still so new to this disease, and the time is coming up too fast for me to actually write it myself and put it in my newspaper for tomorrow's reading.
    I thought maybe if I took an article off of here or somewhere with the full information I could notify the local radio station and perhaps go on there with my Dr. and we could discuss it. Or maybe get one of the nurses from the hospital to help me get the awareness out. I can't even find a support group for my small town nor who to contact to let them know. Does anyone have any info they could give me to help me get the word out and how to go about it?
    I was going to say its too late....but I don't think its ever too late to notify the public about this terrible disease!!! Any feedback would be very much appreciated and thank you all for your help, even though I spend most of my time just reading and getting more and more info about it.
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    That article is a good one and I might use it if you don't mind? And yes, your right, it doesn't matter when we get the word out as long as we do, that's all that counts!!
    The more info I get the better informed I will become and hopefully beable to start my own support group for this small town, as my Dr. already said he was willing to help me out too! I know at least 6 people just in my little area that have Fibro and would love to have a place to share their stories when possible.
    Thank you so much and have a sparkling day Prickles!
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    Once again, I found myself ill just as I was getting ready to start contacting my local, state & federal elected officials regarding May 12th International Awareness Day. That's the nature of this DD!

    Every little bit helps and is very important. I appreciate anything that you and others can do to keep this from being ignored.

    For your info, International Awareness Day for ME/CFS, FM, GWS, MCS was founded by Tom Hennessy in 1992. He chose May 12th because it was Florence Nightingale's birthday. It is believed that she too suffered with this DD.

    Tom is the founder and president of RESCIND, Inc.
    RESCIND stands for
    Stereotypes about
    Immunological and

    Tom himself is very ill these days and is unable to leave his bed. However, his web site is still up and running and is a good source for info and materials (free) for May 12th Awareness Day.
    You can always do a search "May 12th Awareness Day."

    thanks for your interest and involvement.

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