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    is everyone?? Busy? That's good. Sick? That's not good.
    But really, where are you in this world?
    I'm in the USA, Utah being the state....doing not so good right now. Thinking it's time to
    get back to drs again..and it's been a while...having real problems with the neck area. My left arm is going numb more often than not..I have to turn my neck a certain way to make it stop feeling like it is just waking up..pins and needles feeling. My lower back. My eyes. My bladder. My over all pain. I'm tired! I'm down. I wonder why? I think I know! lol.....Still getting around as best as I can. DH and DS is doing a lot for me right now. I feel guilty! Hoping I get some results from seeing the dr...when I make it there.
    Who else wants to vent? Where are you??
    Still love the Lord and don't blame a bit of it on Him..he is my Savior!
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    I'm in Australia, struggling and suffering terribly, still trying to rebuild my life and recover from grief, abuse, post traumatic stress, adapting to life without my kids, trying to find somewhere to live and belong.
    I am now 26 weeks into this pregnancy, its a real struggle, my health is not good, the worst being cardio problems, 18 months ago I developed severe anxiety from loss of my kids, grief and a failed engagement, homelessness etc, the panic has never gone, I can't breathe properly anymore.
    I have severe depression, I have lost the will to keep going, to hope to pray to believe, its been 10 long years and the last 18 months have wiped me out, I love the Lord, my faith is not the same, although I still hope for restoration and help, for the promises of God to come to pass somehow, someway, someday.
    Time does heal, very slowly, all we can do is keep going.

    Love to all.
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    I'm in Arizona. My prayers to all of you for peace, healing and comfort.

    My recent eye surgery did not go anywhere near as planned, and the eye went from 20/26 without glasses to barely being able to see the big E on the eyechart, and it's really fuzzy. My other eye is 20/20 without eyeglasses. I'm told that somehow the lens in my eye must have shifted and thus caused the problem--and my bad vision will remain as is. They have no real answer as to how it happened and the surgeon said it is the first in her 10 years of doing surgery.

    So I've been extremely frustrated and I'm trying to make "lemonade with lemons" regarding this eye and focus on the good part--the bad eye is not blind.

    Rainbow, I had to chuckle because if I remember, Pearlie was the subject of hot gossip--she was the one nurse from Cluck General Hospital that was rumored to have a relationship with a hunky rooster back then. Now sweet Pearlie is going to be a mom and MORE CHICKS!!!!! [By the way, Cesar the cat is up on the desk here with me and is bathing his stomach in a "so not interested in this gossip" type way.]

  4. Doznclan3

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    Sounds like there's a lot going on.

    Sweettater...stay with us. :) We are thinking of you, praying for you. I thought you were from Australia, couldn't remember. I hope you find a place where you can be happy. Take care the best you can. You are feeling that baby move pretty good by now!

    Rainbow..I think you just may need some more critters right now. Those brand new precious baby chicks running around will bring a smile to your face. You are such a caring and understanding person. You didn't take her babies away. She hid them pretty good, she must want them pretty good. :) Where do you live Rainbow?

    Twocats..I had no idea you were having that serious a problem with your eyes. I think I've talked about how worried I am about mine. For you to look on the bright side of your health problems..that's so like you. I'm so glad you have your cats to keep you happy. We live close to each other..you've probably had warm weather if you aren't in the north part. We are still going back and forth. This has been a weird year! Good to get moisture though. I call this month..Juneuary...

    I'm really into my chickens now. I've been hatching eggs in a bator, picking out the ones I want, and selling, or giving the rest to neighbors or friends. They are so fun. I love baby anything. :))

    Take care all...anyone else? Where are you?

  5. Doznclan3

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    LONG block to the Pacific..>> :))))
    Glad you are feeling well, and have those good memories. I'm with you on the Not going to drs. I am still debating.
    Oh, and tee shirt weather, comes, and tee shirt weather goes, then it comes, then it.......
    Crazy weather here.
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    Ah, I just love it when it is chick season again at this board. It's just fun!!!! I love hearing all the wonderful stories about the beautiful chicks. And let's face it, it sounds like Cynthia has an Ark just like Rainbow.

    We had 108 degrees here yesterday and as I came home from an errand I passed the gecko lizard that I call "Lenny T. (the) Lizard" and I told him "Hi Lenny, what's happening?" He looked at me and went his way, and he was probably running errands too.

    Sometimes Lenny comes over the concrete patio wall into my patio and he will be next to the metal "sun decoration" (I think it is an American Indian type depiction of the sun) and he looks very attractive and natural next to that "sun." I do not have any "lizard" decorations on the patio wall because Lenny stops in and provides a live decoration for me--so I don't need any fake ones. Love that Lenny!!!!!
  7. Doznclan3

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    keep us updated on the chicks. I have 6 little ones outside in the baby chicken nursery. I will watch them as they get older as to which one I want to keep. I am hatching some pretty special ones out...hoping anyway..they are called Faverolls. Endagered. Five toes. Puffy cheeks that go all the way around the bottom of the chin to the other side..I am hoping that they hatch, they will be Salmon colored. Sweet birds so I'm told.
    I've had to toss out 7 eggs so far of the 14 that I got. :( Shipped eggs.
    I would love to post pictures, but for some reason, can't. I used to be able to. It always says it's too big. I haven't changed anything?
    Anyway Twocat...too cute..I love those kind of Lizards' also..and who knows, he just may look forward to seeing you as much as you enjoy seeing him. :)) What about the cats? Are they interested in him?? hmmm.....
    Love to all, Cynthia
  8. TwoCatDoctors

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    Cynthia, I never heard of Faverolls and they sound fantastic. And Rainbow, Pearlie has 12 EGGS--WOW. Yes, I miss the photos too and I thank you for all you did with those, and don't worry if you can't get them to work now. The ones you posted will last in my brain forever. Oh, I can just tell that we're going to have some fabulous chick posts.

    The cats aren't interested in Lenny T. Lizard at all. Lenny and his family seem to have carte blanche to be on the patio walls without attracting any interest from my cats. The one neighbor several doors down said that years ago, in the summer he would leave his back patio light on at night (not a yellow light but a white bulb) and then go out and there would be so many insects on the patio wall and SO MANY Gecko lizards there eating them. Well, the landscaper that cuts all the bushes for this complex came along and cut away most of the protective bushes that Lenny and his family were using. I wish the landscapers would let the bushes stay the way they were because they looked better and gave Lenny more protection.

    For a long while we had a mockingbird that was coming right into my patio, going under my patio cover and coming about two feet from my glass sliding back door and screaming at the cats and I. I noticed that Lenny would disappear and hide immediately (I think birds are predators of the lizards). This mockingbird would do scream until I opened the door and told him "SCAT" and then he would go fly back into the tree which is not in my patio but from which he can see my patio and my kitchen through the sliding back door.

    It was funny because one day he was screaming at us from about two feet from my sliding glass door and Shelby the cat was stretched out on her back on the floor about a foot from the sliding glass door, trying to sleep, and Cesar was in his cat bed right at the section of the glass door that doesn't open and he was trying to sleep--the cats were so NOT interested in this noisy and rude feathered THING. This mockingbird remained hyper about seeing the cats and me. So I went out in the patio and stayed there for a while to try to re-establish some dominance over MY PATIO.

    The office were I live is installing a fountain and I wonder if it will draw more birds, Gecko lizards and butterflies to us. I just love nature and in this heat--it's supposed to get maybe 112 degrees today-- it may give them a place to get water when they are having trouble finding it.
  9. Doznclan3

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    Love the story of the mocking bird. They are smart. Yes, I'm pretty sure he would eat Lenny if he got the chance.
    Your cats are pretty smart too. I can almost hear their thoughts now..yeah, yeah, yeah, just try going through those glass windows that my mom washed with that wonderful miracale bottle of windex.

    112 degrees?????! Whew..I hope your air conditioner works really really well!
    I think that's a great idea for the fountain. It really will bring in some new little life that you may not have seen yet this year.
    We are finally getting warmed up...91 today. That's hot after being up and down..70, 85, 70, 90, 70...you get the picture, and throw a little bit of rain in there too...no, not Rainbow..but, oh, that would be so nice to be able to see her and all of you. I'll try the picture thing again..the last picture I had up was of myself and a grandson.
    The only babies I have on the way right now are my chickie babies.
    The ones I have now are so cute.
    I let a few out of the nursery hutch tonight while my husband and I worked on the bottom part of the fence around the coop area. Well, of course the others didn't like them, so they all came running to mama...that's me..:) and I ended up with three little ones on my shoulder, peeping away, as though to say..save us! I will be letting them out into the bigger coop area a little at a time until they all get used to each other.
    Faverolles, have a real petty face..and are very sweet. That's what they say. We'll see.

    Twocats, give those two kitties some hugs and kisses for me. Rain..don't give your chickens any kisses..I won't either. :)
    Love to all, Cynthia