Where inner thigh meets groin area - does anyone have pain here?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Theresa, Aug 5, 2003.

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    so glad to know i'm not alone! have had fibro for a year now and the groin pain on my right side is unbearable at times. will try the myofascial release therapy.....
  2. parker1261

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    so so so glad i'm not alone ! (misery loves company)....have had fibro for a year or so....the groin pain is new in its intensity but have had it awhile. start myofacial release next week...will keep you posted, as the groin pain is the main reason for doing it.
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    Hi all, I have been having this groin pain and pressure in that area now for I guess for 19 years. In am male and 55 years old, other than having a combination of CFS,Myo and Fibro I am in good health......sounds strange saying that I know, but y'all get what I mean I'm sure. My condition started after a motor cycle accident having landed on my head and compressing the spine. I will not go into the whole thing here, I just wanted to share about the groin, testicle pain. I write down now when these flare ups start to happen so this one started on the 15th of August 2014. It's started as som minor tingling in the groin area and after a few days became pain in the testicles and between them and the anus. Also seems to be a feeling of pressure in that area between the testicles and the anus but no signs of swelling or lumps in the area. I have had this many times before, the last big flare up of this sort was in 2010 and lasted from 1st January to the 10th of March that same year. I am sure I have had more since that time but did not make a note of them because they maybe only lasted a week or two or maybe I was just lazy. : ) I must also say when I have this sort of pain it is normally 24/7 with sometimes a little let up, but suffice it to say it is pretty much constant. With this pain I also get nausea as I did last night and what a night it was!!!! So I'm guessing my pain could last another month or so from my records which I am not looking forward to but that's life hey. I wanted to post this just to share with both the ladies on this forum and especial some of the fellas who maybe dealing with this but unsure about sharing this sort of thing. I am happy to answer any questions folk may have and would only say that although these things are typical of CFS and the others you should still go to the doctor to rule out other possible causes of it. I have done just that over the years and although it's a pain having to front doctors and getting a finger poked up your rear end it's worth knowing it's not prostate or the like. In all this support is the key, which is what happens on these forums but I hope y'all have good support at home.......my wife is the best at this!
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    Hi everyone...Fortunately, I cannot relate to this, but it sounds very painful. The book mentioned above is EXCELLENT. Most people don't know that FM and CMP (Chronic Myofascial Pain) is considered to be linked. And if you don't release the trigger points for the myofascial pain, then you will always have fibro pain. (At least that is Starlanyl's theory).

    There are a variety of things that could be going on - all of which, as with anything new, it is important to see a doctor about. From hip pain, to lymph nodes to allodynia and many other things.

    I know this post is very old, but still important. I would monitor what things I eat that could be causing this pain (particularly night shades, gluten and dairy). Being able to determine if it is joint or muscle (or something else) is important, too. Does heat or cold help?

    It could also be an alignment issue with your hips...the list goes on. All I can say is go to your doctor and if they can't help, research, research, research.
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    Very strange anyone else have this problem?
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    Go to your doctor! It can be anything... FM to prostate cancer. Don't play 'guess the problem' time for expert opinion from your gp.

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    Guess I'm not the only one! As I write this I am having the groin/inner thigh pain. It's a sharp persistent ache which at times is nauseating. I'm female and part of the groin issue is tied in to painful pelvic trigger points. My NP says it may also be related to lower back issues. I've had it for at least 25 years...usually 3 - 4 flares per week. I have FM/CFS and myofascial pain. I've found 3 things that help. Depending on the weather I will either use a heating pad or ice pack. Also, I use Lidocaine 5% pain patches. I cut a strip at least 2 inches wide and lay it across the groin. For about 2 years I was not able to obtain Lidocaine patches because my insurance stopped covering them and to pay cash for a box of 30 was about $1,400. Fortunately, there is now a generic made by Watson and covered by my insurance. Sitting and walking are the two biggest triggers.
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    This sort of pain certainly can be from a number of illnesses. I went to the doctors and specialists and had all the tests known to man and mine came back as Fibromyaligia/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Still am having the pain mentioned above but it has eased down to a bearable pain. I hope all others who are going through this will have a day that gives them some relief. Take care....