Where Is IndianPrincess?

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  1. dreamharp

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    Anyone know what happend to IndianPrincess? I enjoyed her
    posts and was concerned that she was homeless.

  2. dreamharp

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    For some reason she has been on my mind. Thanks for sharing.
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  3. IndianPrincess

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    Hi Everybody!
    WOW!!!! Didn't realize I had been away from this message board for so long! Thanks for your support and asking about me.

    Haven't been online for months. Fatigue has been horrible. Anxiety and brain fog unbearable and all has kept me home. But you will see me on this board regularly now.

    So much happening...Where do I begin? It's around 3 A.M. so I guess I'll be brief.

    I'M OUT OF THE SHELTER!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Long story so I'll save that for a follow-up posting but Congressman Dennis Kucinich helped. As a child he was once homeless and he works very closelessly with The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless whom I've volunteered with since last June.

    Got a H.U.D apartment (got the keys the day before Thanksgiving). Living in an effiency in 'The Hood'. But that's fine. We keep our apartment clean, we eat well thanks to food stamps (I have gained 30 pounds since December and my gray hair is fading and my hair is so much thicker and getting darker).

    I 'dumpster dive' for furniture and when an apartment becomes vacant, maintenance tells me so we can have furniture. All will be left behind for someone else once our disability checks start coming.

    We live on the 12th floor and I spot stuff in the dumpster. Plastic dairy crates make great shelving, an end table holds our TV, an old vanity is our computer desk, and I found some corner shelving curbside.

    My art that I saved and managed to get into storage prior to eviction is on the walls and the place looks very homey.

    Through some wheeling and dealing and help from Services For Independent Living we got a Dell tower for $10 and a used monitor from a store for $60. My wonderful friend Kevin at The Northeast Ohio Coalition For the Homeless came over tonight and set up our system so I could continue to write and research from home at anytime (when I am functional). Gary has been most insistant and supportive of this.

    I haven't been to NEOCH for months to volunteer like before but they appointed me to the Board of Trustees and I am honored to serve. I am the first formerly homeless individual to serve and the advocacy that this organization does is worthy. We need so much help especially with funding to keep all the programs in place such as our voice mail, housing, legal assistance, Teach-ins and street newspaper in place and it is a true blessing to have once been on the 'frontlines' and educate others about who is homeless due to disability, economics, job loss, etc. Many I was in the shelter with were once professional women...teachers, HR, etc. So I'm doing whatever I can to overcome as well as educate others regarding that stereotypical image of who people think the homeless are.

    Still waiting on disability. Hired another attorney after the fiasco with Blunder and Blunder(LOL). Next step is going before an administrative law judge.

    Didn't make it to Florida but that is fine with us. We were meant to stay here in the Cleveland area.

    I have been able to tap into clinical trials for some cash so that helps and finally I have Medicaid and other assistance. Since the State of Ohio recognizes I am disabled I will use that in court!!!!!

    Remember that Xyrem sleep study I did? I was on placebo. I'm signed up for another on that I'll start in 2 weeks to treat pain and improve sleep.

    Well have to go for now.


    Indian Princess (Cindy)

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    i too have been keeping an eye out for your posts and its good to see you back :)

    glad to hear you are in your own place and are safe.

    take care of yourself hon, smiffy xxx
  5. IndianPrincess

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    So you couldn't sleep either, huh?

  6. smiffy79

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    i'm in the uk princess and thanks to my amitriptyline and the fact my tizanidine makes me drowsy i'm out like a light :) thankgod!!

    i'm so over the moon for you that you have your place sorted and have put on weight, you must be feeling healthier (as much as you can be lol) without all the worry.

    take care of yourself sweety :)