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    I am not on the board as often lately. What have I missed on Prickles? Is she doing okay? I know she was in the hospital. But I do not know the latest on her.

    Sending my prayers and Blessings to her..........Susan
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    I learned some things from your answer. Very interesting.

    I have learned that I have breast cancer of my left breast, stage 2. I have went over the options and decided to have it totally removed. Partly because of where it is located and my age, I am older than your Mum I am certain. Cancer is not the death sentence it used to be. A percentage do pass away from it, but they are constantly coming up with new meds, treatments and all.

    But odds are the same rather you have parcial or total breast removal. You have more chemo and radiation if parcial usually. Until they operate they can not forecast what treatment I will have to do afterwards.

    I am optismistic and really do feel positive and relaxed on it. I can not change a thing except do what I must, so I am enjoying myself and all. I have a lot of support and love. Wow, if the world was like that what a wonderful thing it would be.
    There has been no end on tests ran and this is Sat. and I had a couple today and tomorrow a couple more, on a Sunday!

    So do not worry if no one sees me on for a while. I am sure my one arm will be sore. I will have a lot of adjustments to make. But life is everchanging. That is the way it should be, learning and gaining faith.

    You know so far this is nothing compared to 20 yrs. with Fibro/CFS. I will let everyone know later if I still feel the same. But our DDs makes us tough to other problems for sure. I have been in training for this bout! Hehe.

    My dear I think your experiences will help the advancement of treating and maybe curing CFS/FIBRO. I hope I am here to see that! You have the spunk, compassion, and smarts to do what it takes.

    Meanwhile take care and I send you prayers, love and Blessings..................Susan
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    Surgery is the 20th of this month.

    Keep me in your prayers and Thanks........Susan
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    Goodness! Prickles, I knew some of what you've been going through but not all. Blessings to you.

    Susan, I'm sorry to hear about your need for surgery but it sounds as if you're going to be fine. Your attitude alone would ensure that.

    Gentle hugs and prayers for you both.

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    I love your name.

    Thanks for the thumbs up. I expect surgery to go fine and pray that all goes well afterwards. I am at peace with whatever. I do not know why execpt it is a blessing to feel this way. Also makes my DH and family feel better about it also.

    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I beleive in them. Blessings to all.. Susan
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    Susan, I love your attitude about your upcoming surgery. Something tells me this can only help your situation and I sincerely hope your surgery and upcoming treatments go well.

    Prickles, sorry to hear about your ongoing problems. Maybe now that so many tests are done they can begin working on a solution for you.

    Can you check the message about the wrist brace? I'd be more than happy to do some internet searching for you if I know exactly what kind of brace you're referring to.

    Hugs to you both..... (Very soft gentle ones)

    Nancy B
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    I will have her in our prayers. We do not have to know the names of ones we pray for.

    This may sound off beat, but two removed would be easier. With my Fibro/CFIDS I have a tendency already to sort of fall to the left side as I walk. With out the weight of the breast this I will have to watch a lot more. Have to learn to rebalance. But I can do it!!!

    Love you Prickles.......Blessings......Susan
  8. sues1

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