Where oh Where is a doctor in the house????

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    I have good insurance and I cannot afford to go to the doctor much longer!! This is because they all send me to another doctor!! I started with my primary, eventually after thorough blood tests he suggested physical therapy. I then have been to a urologist, OBGYN, breast surgeon/oncologist (after my mammo), ER 2 times who all suggested I was suffering from fibro related symptoms. I then took on another primary care physician who said you are too young to have fibro or cancer (I am 29 and of course realize that isn't true) who put me through a battery of gastro/chronn's related tests which came up negative. I then saw another primary care doctor who basically wanted to start from scratch and had no idea what could be causing my symptoms. I then tried to make an appointment with a rheumy and after I told them my symptoms and what had been happening to me for the past 7 months, they referred me to a physiologist for rehabilitation. This doctor diagnosed me in less then 5 minutes without asking about my previous tests as myofacial stemming from my posture and again suggested physical therapy. Right back where I started. I am going to the physical therapy I thought man a little heat and massage might do the trick and although I hope this is the cure, I don't even have a diagnosis!!! I looked at the good doc list and the ones from my area are not taking new patients. I even waited 3 months and tried calling them again, still full. They must be the only doctors in town for this DD!!!! I really feel like I am wasting so much money, time and sanity on this. Every time I go to the doctor I am more frustrated and get set back emotionally / physically. If anyone lives in KCMO/ Overland Park area and has a doc. please let me know!! Or any suggestions Please welcome.
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    I have found that the good doc list is a waste of time for our geographical area!!

    I am currently seeing Dr. Jeremy Baptist in Overland Park. He is an allergist specializing in FM, CFS, autism---things where underlying allergies and "leaky gut" syndrome often play a huge role. I'm not sure what your exact symptoms are, but if you've had gastro/crohns testing, it may be worth checking him out. He will test for candida yeast overgrowth & things that cause IBS, deficiencies or toxicities (like mercury), food allergies, thyroid, etc. He uses both traditional medicine & naturopathic medicine---he has put me on a variety of supplements, for example, but he also just prescribed a prescription med for my periodic migraines (at least until I figure out what I'm eating or coming into contact with that's causing them). He's not a big conversationalist, not a ton of personality, but on the other hand, he's very available for questions & will spend a lot of time looking up stuff for you. I'm hardly cured, but I think I'm seeing a difference.

    If you want more detail (he runs a good battery of tests) let me know. I agree with you about the good doc list for this area. I keep wondering if there are a lot KC docs out there who treat FM but we all don't hear about them.

    Anyway, good luck & hope you find someone good!