Where to find a doctor that looks into candida problem

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    I want to rule out the possibility of a candida problem as a cause for many of my symptoms. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any doctors to entertain this theory. The last doc I went to said "well, I'd have to read up on it" and he never did. You'd think I would get more out of $100/visit. I guess getting them to read a few pages in a book would be asking too much.

    Anyway, anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction as far as who to go to, hopefully locally. I'm in Cincinnati Ohio btw.

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    I'm sorry, but $2,000 for a test?? You might look around for a naturopath in your area, I seem to recall that mine would have cost around $200.00, had I followed up.

    Good luck -
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    There is a test that is done by quest that tests for antibodies IGA, IGM and IGG for candida. Two years ago I asked my GP to do run this test for me. She was hesitant but I insisted so she did it for me and my candida was off the charts!!

    Try asking your doctor to do this test.

    If you do have candida chances are it may not be your only issue. Systemic candida is usually a sign of poor immune system and coexists with other issues like heavy metals and parasites.

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    Hi Randy,
    If you really want help with a candida problem find a good natropath. Allopathic medicine isn't trained well in this area.

    Take care,
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    We worked with a clinical nutritionist who diagnosed and treated my daughter's candida problem. It was not covered by insurance.