Where to get Adrenal Stress Index Test done if

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    you regular doctor can't or won't order it. This is a saliva test which measures cortisol levels 4 times during the day/evening so that you know how your cortisol levels rise and fall. The standard blood test most doctors order only tells you what your level is at the time the blood is drawn.

    You can find a naturopath or integrative medicine doctor who should know about this test.

    A cheaper alternative is Clymer Healing center, you can find them on-line. They did mine almost 10 years ago. They're in Pennsylvania, so we did everything by phone, e-mail and snail mail. It was reasonable at that time, hopefully it still is. They are the ones who told me to start taking Seriphos when it was found that my cortisol levels were elevated at night, causing severe insomnia. They also told me to take the Seriphos at night, but that didn't work, made me feel worse. I found when I took it in the morning though that it worked perfectly, and quickly. I had to take rather large dose 8 caps a day, 4 pre-breakfast and 4 pre-lunch - at least 15 mintues before meals. I have heard of someone who had to take 12, it all depends on your levels.

    If you have trouble with insomnia, you should get this test done (IMHO :)

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    I just replied to your reply on the melatonin thread :)

    Sheryl's experience sounded interesting, hopefully it will help you!