Where to live? best part of world for us....

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    Hey I know this topic has been visited numerous times but interested in uptodate 2011 thoughts.......the world is always changing so rapidly......I am in the states but am open to researching and considering other parts of the world.

    I am most interested in a place that has moderate climate, inexpensive to live, lower crime and low pollution....low conflict on world map etc

    I am wondering for folks with chronic illnesses-- where are best places for us to land? either for retirement or if on ssdi....somewhere to make the most of the resources we have and not have to battle with the city or the world for survival....low stress, since we need things to be healthy and less challenging. some people think U.S. could be heading for worse financial collapse, i.e. in article in Newsweek last month w/Alan Simpson coleader of deficit commission and he touched on our debt vulnerablities etc.
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    If you can find some copies of "Where to Retire", they give a lot of information about different cities. They tell you the cost of living, the climate, what is available culturally, etc.

    Funny, one of them mentioned the high desert where I live as one of the top 10. To me, that is a joke as the desert can be a land of extremes in weather which can make people uncomfortable that react to barometric pressure.

    I've never felt better than the times I visited Maui. Of course, it is on the higher end on the 'cost of living scale.' Sure wish it wasn't. The beauty all around you is so uplifting and the soft, gentle rain very healing. The warm ocean water is heavenly.

    Hope you find the ideal place. Please keep us posted.
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    in Hawaii and CA? without that and clean air.........

    and that retirement manual you mention is it a book or on internet?

    I am in midwest and am certain if hadnt lived here whole life the cold would kill me, it can increase my pain if go for a walk, but i cannot tolerate heat either above like 68 if sunny/humid.
    I think the climate in San diego and San fran could be great but yea the cost of living jammin concerns me, want to make my resouces stretch far.....

    and does anyone have thoughts about what is going on with our economy? researched that with a historical perspective to offer?
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    It depends probably on your symptoms... plus sometimes a move is good for a while and then symptoms re-occur with some "lag" time.

    There was an article some time ago by a guy, Doug Bowers, about moving to Guanojuato Mexico because he had Fibro. That way his wife didn't have to work full time (they weren't making it in KY even tho he had SSD)... and his need for meds went down from about 7 to 3. He says his Fibro is better there except during the brief 3 month rainy season, that it was the highs and low pressure systems that set him off - he realized after moving that a semi-arid place was better for him, tho the reason they moved was financial. He's since written a book about living there, and briefly mentions the above in his book as well.

    I have also been living in Mexico since 2008, it is very much cheaper tho I haven't been living in a semi-arid place. So I can't say I've felt better, tho medical expenses etc are very much cheaper (about 1/10th on average). My DH is really missing our kids tho, we may move back.

    Water- having enough and having good water, will always be a concern almost anywhere, as almost anywhere needs filtration. I have even seen it be a concern in the southeast as well during droughts.

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  5. AuntTammie

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    there is a newsletter put out by Escape From America that usually has quite a bit of helpful info re moving away from the US

    and re the economy, farming is not exactly doing well, either....I'm too exhausted to get into that, but my dad's entire side of the family (he's one of thirteen kids) grew up on farms and many still farm (as do their many children), and there are many many reasons why farming is getting tougher and tougher to make a living off of and a lot of farmers are being driven out of business

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