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    I'm just looking for advice on my situation, any comments would be appreciated.

    I just got back from one month in Michigan and was evaluated by Dr. Lerner. I cannot be his permenant patient becase I live too far away. This is what he found:



    IgM - neg 1:<10

    IgG - 1:160 done by labcorp, >1:160 is just positive. I think they have lower numbers than most labs.

    Mycoplasma Pneumonia:
    IgG 266
    IgM 1,116

    I get bleeding/mucous problems CT said no strong evidence for chronic sinitus.

    No other problems, etc thyroids enlarged but t3/t4 is fine.

    Lerner said If He treated me he would start on Azithromycin 1g/day and start with Valcyte.

    I agree but I'm not sure how/what order to start because Valcyte is not covered by insurance in my country even though I can probably afford it.
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    I know nothing on the subject. I think this is a question that he himself has to answer, unless there is someone on this board who was/is his patient so has been through this. Even if you can not be his personal patient maybe you can just squeeze one last short phone call/fax/email to ask him the short question?

    Maybe you should retitle your post for Lerner/Valcyte people so that maybe you can get to the people here who know more than me.
    Wish I could be of more help

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