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    I am so new to this . I dont know where to start. I do not have a bad life. I have a cute husban and 2 great kids. My husband has a job and I can stay home with the kids. I have more then a lot of people I know and I should be gratefull. WHat I do NOT have is REAL friends that I can talk to. All my friends are superficial and sharing any of my depression just would give them ammo. Also I do not like anyone to know my life is not perfect. I do not know what to do I dont want people to know how unhappy I am .Wow so much more but dont know whwre to start I am so lost!! I dont knwo how to use this site. I am on yahoo at lookingaround3030 for emails or chat Or do I just come here. Im lost!!!!
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    As someone who has depression for a long, long time, myself and others have learned there is a stigma attached to depression and that you don't talk about depression to people you meet, around "friends," co-workers, and most family (your husband may understand but many times other relatives think depression isn't an ailment). Instead you look to places like a local Depression Support Group where you can meet people just like you to find people who really understand, and even the Depression group here online on ProHealth.

    Just like you said, sharing info about your depression with your superficial friends is not good. And although it is good to get involved with the groups online, it is even better to get involved with local groups at face to face meetings.

    I go to the local Depression Support Group and they are a great group of wonderful and caring people. If I miss a meeting, I usually get a call to find out if I'm okay and I'm asked if I want to go out for dinner/iced tea after the meeting. And I consider them a great group of friends.

    At the local Depression Support Group meetings, we receive printed info and brochures about depression and anxiety and are always getting more info provided to each of us to help us. And more important is that we are provided with local phone numbers for the "warm line" which is just someone to talk to when you are non-suicidal and need someone to speak to RIGHT NOW for 15 minutes--then we also are given a local crisis line, which is if you are feeling suicidal or in crisis and need to speak IMMEDIATELY with someone trained specifically for that.

    You can find some local depression support groups by checking with your local mental health society and by checking with Mental Health America at http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/go/find_support_group and I know there are other places to check too.
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