Where were you on 9/11?

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  1. kjade

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    I am sitting here remembering that terrible day, just 8 years ago. I was at work, and listening to a radio show. They mentioned that the WTC had been hit by a plane, and I just assumed it was an accident. They then went back to their other conversation. So I really didn't think much of it.

    Then I was on break, and someone came in and said another plane had hit the other tower. I didn't understand at first...for some reason, I thought the plane could just fly right through the building. It was weird. Then it hit me when everyone started talking about it, and my boss turned on the news. We were all terrified. They decided to close the office, and told us all to go home. I was pregnant with my 2nd child at the time, and I was so scared driving home. It was very hard getting out of downtown that day....it took hours. All of the businesses downtown were closing early. I couldn't get in contact with DH because the cell service wasn't working...it was too busy.

    I remember just driving and staring at the sky....looking for planes. I recall seeing one plane fly over the city....I found out later that it was possibly the plane that went down in PA. That thought still haunts me.

    I was so relieved when I finally picked up my son at the sitter's and made it home safely. We just watched the news footage for hours....I was still in shock. I was so upset for the many innocent people who lost their lives that day. All I could think about was...they left their homes this morning and kissed their families goodbye, just like I had. Only, they were never going to make it home....

    Where were you and what were you doing on 9/11?
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    Just getting ready to hop into the shower when my youngest daughter,who had the t.v. on called me in to the family room. A plane had just crashed through the first tower. Like you I assumed it was a horrible "accident".Then we witnesse the second plane crash,I stood there in disbelief until it sunk in that these crashes were no accident.Let us never forget the horrible events of that fateful day,or the many lives lost to that senseless act. God Bless America and may those whose lives were lost that day rest in peace.~~~Jeanne~~
  3. jole

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    In a patient's room. She had ALS and was on a ventilator. I was changing out all her tubings, cleaning her trach, etc. when another nurse came in and told us! We turned on the patient's tv and all watched it together as we said a prayer for the people involved. It was amazing how the entire hospital atmosphere was so hushed and respectful for all the dead that day......and of course, in shock!

    Thank you for remembering and caring, when some people in the world seem to have forgotten how many lives were changed forever in an instant on that day. What a tragic sense of terrorism! Yes, God bless America!......Jole
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    I was in my apartment, just home from weeks in the hospital & rehab, waiting for my home-care PT to come.

    I had a tiny B&W tv that only got 1 channel.

    I turned it on, & a minute later saw the 2nd plane hit the other tower.

    At first, I was trying to understand what I was seeing.
    I didn't think it was real - Like the old "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast, but that didn't make any sense either.

    Of course, after that initial shock, it sank in.

    I remember the PT arriving, & I asked if he'd heard about it yet.

    I don't remember if we even did PT that day.

    ...and then the world was a different place forever.....
  5. lgp

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    I was at home, getting my youngest ready for school. My husband was supposed to be in the Trade Center, at a networking breakfast on one of the very high floors, as was his habit each and every Tuesday. Instead, that day,he was delayed at the Pine Street office across the street, and was not able to make the breakfast. Thank God. He called me after the first plane hit, and I quickly put the television on. I was on the phone with him as I saw the second plane hit, and for a second, I thought it was a replay of the first plane. I heard the explosion through the phone as my husband screamed, "My whole building is shaking. I have to get out of here." And then the line went dead.

    In all the commotion, I still wanted to get my daughter to school; lots of people who live in our development worked in the downtown area. I could hear the screams of women, and saw groups of them sobbing and consoling one another as I raced my daughter to school. She was too small to understand the gravity of it all. In my mind, as I think back, I see it all in slow motion.

    Ran to a friend's house, was concerned about her husband--he got out. No word from hubby's best friend for almost two days. Turns out, he ran down 67 floors, and then just kept running, hopped on a ferry to Staten Island, but with no cell service for him to call his wife and it was some time before he made it to his aunt's house. When we asked him why he did this, he said his sailor instinct kicked in and he just ran to the water.

    My husband in the meantime, just ran for his life as fast as he could. It took him many hours to get home via subway, bus and train as many services had partially or fully shut down. He had a group of people following him, who had no clue how to get home by cutting through parts of Queens. He said the weirdest part was the eerie silence on the trains and subways; nobody talking at all but just quietly helping each other. By the time he reached our house late in the afternoon, I will never forget him coming up the driveway, weary and covered in ash, sitting down on the bench on our porch, and my tough, macho, stoic husband cried like a baby. He said he saw things he would never want to speak of again.

    Through all this, I thank God because only two months earlier, he had been offered a prestigious position to head up a new technology group on the 96th floor. I bugged and bugged him to take the position, really persisted, and finally he agreed. Thw night before he was to hand in his resignation, he changed his mind and decided to stick it out where he was for awhile. I was annoyed; felt he was passing up a great opportunity. Well, every single person in that new group perished. Needless to say, I do not give career advice anymore.

    In a final irony, I found out that the first plane actually hit in the corner of the tower between the 82nd and 83rd floor--precisely where my corner office had been some years before.

    I think about this every year and thank God for my family that was spared on that horrible day and continue to pray for those who perished and their loved ones who struggle to go on without them. Never forget.


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  6. Busyknitter2

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    My husband an over the road truck driver had called me, he was sitting in a truck stop eating breakfast. He told me to turn on the TV and they showed the first plane going into the WTC as he was saying it looked like a terrible accident the second plane went into the building. We where many miles away from each other and in shock. It was horrible.

    My oldest son loved in the southern part of the our stat (Indiana). He called me to see if I was ok knowing I would be upset and by myself as we where both watching TV and on the phone it showed the WTC falling. I started to cry and said over and over "all of those poor people." He told me than if it got bad here to get my other son and head his way.

    I debated rather or not to go pick up my younger son at school. He was a Junior in hight school but decided to let him stay. We already had it planned for me to pick him up after school. I got there just after the police left from having it on lock down. He was so upset it got in the car so angry wanting to know what the ____ had happened. One of his teachers asked him if he needed to go talk to the counselor because he got so upset when a couple of kids when the bell rang and opened up the door poked their heads out and said I hope there are no planes out there.

    When we went back by the little town store that very seldom has more than on person buying gas at a time they where lined up down both directions and around the corner.

    A friend of my youngest son lost a cousin in the WTC that awful day.

  7. TwoCatDoctors

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    I had started working two weeks prior at a law firm in this huge high rise in the Southwest. We heard what happened and our delivery man told me that people from our building (many from the county, state and federal offices in our building) were told to go home immediately and get away from the building by their employers. So they were running away from the building to their cars--they had been told it could be happening to other buildings in major cities across the U.S. and this was a major city. But the head lawyer/Partner of our firm would not let any of us go. In this high rise, the building was vacant except for our law firm.

    Many of us were so very scared because our building had been a target of militia men just over 10 years before and had been targeted, among other buildings, to be blown up. Thankfully they had been caught and stopped before they did anything, but the detailed written plans had been found. But that didn't make us feel good on 9/11/01. We were petrified, jumpy and so frightened out of our minds.

    So we were so scared all day (and by the way, the Partner left but made sure none of the rest of us would) and the jerk Partner let us go at 3:00 PM, but we were not allowed to take lunch or leave for lunch that day. I should have known then that this was not the place I would stay working and this was a huge sign that I should have quit that day early in the morning and ran away with all the others that ran out.
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  8. Debra49659

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    My experience was very similar to yours...I couldn't understand what was going on. I thought that the first plane had had a problem with radar or something and didn't see the tower. Then the second plane crashed into the tower while I watched on TV. It was so hard to comprehend what was going on...it was really scary.

  9. TwoCatDoctors

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    I think that no matter where we were, we all felt terrorized on 9/11. But to have our head partner of our firm not let us go until 3:00 PM when the entire high rise building was empty as all the other offices had been running out early in the morning--it was like being double terrorized. The fear we felt was so immense that some were shaking with fear and we were so high up no fire department could have reached us if anything happened. It was stupid to treat employees that way and ignore the news of what had happened and the fear employees felt. By the way, that firm broke up and that head partner is on his own with his son trying to do business. He has a "terrible reputation" for dealing with employees.

    To this day, I can't stand to look at pictures of the planes attacking the towers and I have to look away. I quickly was surfing channels and on September 10, Fox News showed the planes crashing into the towers and when surfing I had not expected that on September 10. The news people are doing it solely for ratings, but don't realize the impact it has on people and it has created PTSD in people and how it has horribly scared so many people. Just like the attack of Pearl Harbor did so many years ago.
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    BILLCAMO New Member

    Even though I did not "come down" with CFIDS/ ME until Dec. of that year. Shortly , thereafter , I "acquired" FM too.

    I got up early to get ready for work. I heard on the radio a bout the 1st plane strike and turned on the TV. When I saw the pix of the 1st plane , I felt that it was no accident. The 2nd plane hit before I left for work and that confirmed my suspicions.

    I remember certain customers complaining that these happenings were slowing down their service. I commented to all of these negative comments that these events would change the world as we then knew it. IMHO , it has and continues to do so...

    I carried through my work as best I could for several weeks thereafter.

    TBH , I had an even more of noticeable emotional impact with the events AFTER I became really ill in Dec. 2000. That's when I experienced how much more fighting these DD's have a much larger impact from negative "happenings".

    All I know is that hate , unhappiness , and narrow-mindedness were instrumental in helping start these cascades of events. I pray that these three items can be reduced in the future to minimize the chance of future similar events......

    Blessings ,

  11. Bruin63

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    on the computer, on this website, and i remember someone posted that a plane , had hit the first tower,

    someone wrote it was terriost, so as i turned on the tv, thinking someone was playing some kind of joke, i saw the 2nd plane hit.

    it felt like all the air had been let out of me, just like when JFK was killed. that big hollow feeling, and not being able to understand what had happened.

    i do know tho, that after each of thoes even't, our world changed forever.

    We do manage to show our strength as a Nation, when these things happen,

    just so awful that so many died, and so many lost their Loved ones.

  12. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I never understood, before 9/11, why peeps had JFK shows on the radio (mostly, but on tv too) every year.

    Through my entire life, my older relatives would sometimes say exactly where they were, what they were doing, who they were with.

    I naively wondered what the Big Deal was - why they kept rehashing "history".

    Now, unfortunately, me (& my generation) understand.

    When the world is forever altered - when it's no longer the place we knew - when we have to comprehend the incomprehensible - we never forget...

    Understanding came at a high price...


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