Where's a good place to live with FM/CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nan2dance, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. nan2dance

    nan2dance New Member

    Hi all! I'm hoping for your tips. I need to leave New England for warmer climes. Here I get at most three good months out of the year. I'm a FM/CFS type who does best in warm/hot weather. The other 8 months are a total wash. I've been living this way for too long. But I don't know where to move. Where in the US is it pretty much warm all year long? Dry heat is better than humid, but at this point I'm open to all suggestions.

    Another consideration is that I depend upon food stamps, the state supplemental income, and the Medicaid coverage that goes with it. That includes prescription copays. If you know anything about the governemnt supports in the place you suggest I'd be glad to hear about that too. I'm on SSDI so that should go with me wherever.

    I actually am at the point that I usually make a lot of progress in the summer. My aches and pains improve, mobility, energy too. Then the rest of the year I'm in bad, bad shape. I want more than three months of life if I can get it!

    Know of any warm places I should check out?

    Desperate to hear your suggestions!
  2. Reidsbeads

    Reidsbeads New Member

    I live in california and its not warm here all year but maybe in southern cal but that is all gangs. I think that arizona and florida are the only 2 states that stay warm all year. We get cold but it doesnt last all year only about 4-6 months depending on the weather which we cant depend on with the global warming and stuff look what it did to the east coast this winter. I am in northern california.
    Now as for the food stamps and other stuff i think you would need to be in that state for at least 6 month before they consider you a citazen of that state so you may have to wait to get some of those things from the state your in. Just a thought for you to check it out before moving out to a strange place.
  3. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

    Way to hot and way to Humid! The humidity is the worst part and a lot of rain. Arizona, New Mexico, and souther California.
  4. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I polled people a couple of weeks ago on this very thing because I live in the pacific northwest and have weather just like yours. Put in mujuer under search: at the top and then in the space for by: put username. Hope this helps. I also wrote to several fibro associations to see if there have been any studies done on this and got back alot of no's but most suggested the dry heat of the southwestern states. P
  5. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    I live in Southern California, Riverside County. As with all of us, you have to take the good with the bad. While the weather is great for me, I'm STILL having a rough time finding a decent doctor that actually BELIEVES CFS exists...(had to edit for spelling a couple times.. *sigh*
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  6. nan2dance

    nan2dance New Member

    Thanks for your input. It sounds like S.Calif. and Arizona are the only options. Any other ideas?

    I'm curious about Washington. Sequim? Surely you have winter there? Surely it gets cold? A "banana belt" in Washington?! Tell me more!

    I'm glad to read the thread on places in the South. It seems to confirm my suspicions. The humidity is just too much. On the other hand, a couple months of humidity in exchange for 8 months of cold life in a cave sounds like a tradeoff still worth considering. I'd still like to hear more about the South.

    What about New Mexico? Aren't there places in NM that are desert plains?

  7. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I am just down the coast from you on the Hood Canal. I don't find much relief being this close at all. Too many changes in weather and still too cold most of the year.

    New Mexico is also another possibility that we are looking into as well. The northern part is mountainous and cold and snowy. Even in some of the other regions it gets cool. I have been doing alot of research as we are going to move. I am going to fly out to some of the top places we do pick this next winter and see how I do there. Lots of luck looking Nan.
  8. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    Ouch, I'm glad you do well here in the Pacific Northwest--I, however, don't for all the winter months. The gloom always puts me into a downward spiral, and it takes all spring to recover.

    Maybe you don't have SAD. I am going to order the lights from this site for next season. It's just the cool colors of morning, and can be worn, so a person doesn't have to sit in one place.

    Otherwise, it really is very nice here, with the ocean's moderating effect. It's great for gardening, if a person wants to garden all year long.

    Nan, we're in a modified Metiteranian climate here, which means mild, wet winters, and mild, dry summers. So, people love it here in the summer (a heat wave is 80) but it depends on if you love walking in the rain, if you'd like the winters. Some years we get no frost, and others, the weather from the North can sneak in and we get a truly cold winter storm.

    I do better at higher altitudes, in a dry and sunny climate. As soon as DH retires, we'll be looking at the four corner's area, probably in Colorado.
  9. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    I am from washington state up in torwards the northern part and I have been checking out different parts of Arizona as I don't like it toooo hot. Prescott, Benson are more seasonal you may want to check them out on the Web. I just got back from Phoenix and we also check out Chandler and Manicopa area I really liked Chandler area it's about 35 minutes from Phoenix. My mood and my body greatly improved while I was there and I had a wonderfull time. Benson is also a option it is located near New Mexico. Hope this area. We also liked Prescott area. It has cooler winters but not real bad mostly in the 60's but the summers are just right.....
  10. kevieb

    kevieb New Member

    what about southern utah? i'm thinking st. george. i've never been there, but i hear it is warm----it's crossed my mind that it might be a nice place to be.
  11. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    buy that book "places rated" almanac on amazon. you can do tons of research there. OR you can do research for free on web site city data dot com. they have tons of info about everything including weather.

    the gulf coast of florida is so beautiful but prob very expersive to live there.

    do you like cities at all? Austin TX is fantastic! and it's suburbs.

    there have got to be some good places down south too.


  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I just posted about affordable housing community in Aiken SC, right now it is still on the first page, you might want to take a look at it - or copy and paste this:

    I don't know about SC and their benefits, but hopefully the people who are in charge of the development can tell you.

    At least it's warmer, and altho obviously the humid summers last longer, the winters are much shorter!

    All the best,
  13. jashoemaker

    jashoemaker New Member

    If I have to be sick somewhere, I am so thankful to be in southern CA. I grew up in Alaska and have spent a lot of time in the Northwest as well, but I have a lot of SAD symptoms and can't stand all the cloudy, dreary days.

    Here, I am able to sit outside EVERY day on our patio and soak up wonderful, dry heat. It is incredibly healing. It is warm all year long (I am in San Bernardino county) and there are few changes in barometric pressure.

    San Diego may be the most stable place in terms of climate...even less hot summers there. Good luck searching!
  14. jenn1980

    jenn1980 New Member

    How ironic...I actually want to move to New England! LOL!

    I saw that someone suggested Arizona. I have lived in Arizona all my life and I absolutely DESPISE it. I can't wait to get far, FAR away from this hellhole. If you like *insanely* hot temperatures for 4-5 months and just plain hot for another 4-5 months out of the year, then by all means, come to Arizona. I grew up in Tucson which is definitely hot, but not quite as hot as the Phoenix area. Now I live in Tempe (a Phoenix suburb that is just North of Chandler, which someone mentioned).

    Arizona is wretched, wretched, WRETCHED! Desert is SO ugly and depressing. It is one big, brown, parched piece of baked death. The summers are wicked. It is always hot from May until at least November. I started using my car A/C in March. In mid-summer, June-September, it can be WELL over 100 degrees - sometimes approaching or reaching 120. The sun just beats down on you relentlessly and makes you feel as though you are baking...because you are. You can leave your car in the parking lot and go in the store for a 1/2-hour, and come back out to a car that is 150 degrees inside. Actually it's probably more than that.

    Someone mentioned Benson...Do NOT even consider it. It is a meth-infested town. Bisbee is also completely drug-infested and awful. I worked in Bisbee for a year. Bisbee is a total drugged-out hippie town. Don't go there except for a visit, if you like that sort of thing.

    The only decent areas in Arizona are Flagstaff (where I also lived for a year) and the White Mountains (Show Low, Pinetop, Lakeside), where my sister currently lives. Those areas have winters, but coming from New England, you'd consider them mild. However, Flagstaff is VERY dry and windy. I constantly had skin rashes all over my body when I lived there, because there is virtually no moisture in the air. The Show Low area is better than Flagstaff in terms of having some - but still not much - humidity.

    Arizona has one of the worst education systems in the country - something you might consider if you have children. I think it's second-to-last...pretty despicable. It also has one of the worst crime rates in the country.

    I have had FM for about 6 years and CFIDS for almost as long, and I can honestly say that the heat makes my illnesses worse. Cold might make me a LITTLE more achy, but so does heat. I can handle the FM achiness/joint pain MUCH better than I can handle the mind-numbing fatigue (which leads to memory impairment, inability to think clearly, and sometimes dizzy spells...among other symptoms) caused by CFIDS. The life-sucking heat worsens my exhaustion exponentially. It really is that bad. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why people continue to move to this giant wasteland in droves! It's just a g-dforsaken dump. I'm sorry to sound so negative, but I don't want anyone to get stuck in the hell like I am. The heat makes me even more sick - a major thing because I'm all ready very sick with these things.

    Someone mentioned San Diego. For people with our illnesses, that would be ideal. (Hell, it's ideal for anyone! LOL!) Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but the weather is damned near perfect ALL YEAR. It is just a fabulous, gorgeous, wonderful city. I'd love to live there. The biggest drawback - and it's a huge one for those of us on tight budgets - is that it is also a very expensive place to live. You also might like some place like Austin or San Antonio, Texas. I've never been there, but I've heard that the weather is usually nice, not too humid, and that they're fun towns.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  15. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    I was born and raised in San Diego and yes, the weather there is PERFECT! But also what was said about it being expensive is all too true. To rent even a 1 bedroom apartment will run you in the area of $800.00. I left there not because of the prices but because it's HUGE!!!! To go anywhere you usually have to hit the freeways. It's also become a very fast-paced city and I just couldn't handle it any more.. But good luck to you if you decide to go there.. Nice place... ;)
  16. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member


    Stay away from humid areas of the country. Florida won't be good at all because of the humidity. I have a friend who lives in AZ 8 months of the year. She says it's paradise. To me.....I don't like the lizards :))))
  17. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    The perfect place for my aches and pains would be a small community (with quick access to a medium sized town) where the temp. rarely gets above 80 or below 40 degrees and the humidity most of the time remains low. Oh, let's not forget an affordable cost of living. It doesn't even have to be in the US.

    Now, how to find such a place? Well, I haven't a clue! lol

    Good luck with your search! Pat
  18. nan2dance

    nan2dance New Member

    Wow! This is great info! I'll try to print out your replies for my reference.

    S. Calif/San Diego scares me. I'm a New Englander. We don't really have natural disasters all that much. I think California, I think earthquakes. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please. Cos San Diego sounds loverly.

    I do like living in cities. Life in a small town has its perks but it's harder for me to simply step outside and be around people, be somewhere. So if there's a neat city in a warm locale all the better. I'm eager to hear more about the Texas cities someone mentioned.

    I know everyone is different with their illness. For me heat is truly helpful and short periods of bad humidity are doable. Again, I'd trade a couple sweltering months for my 8 months of total slump.

    For those of you "trapped" in hot places and thinking of moving you might want to keep some things in mind that you could be taking for granted. For example, part of the Winter problem here in New England is that Winter=indoors. And indoors means less mobility/exercise, and more isolation. You can't take those casual strolls out of doors. No sitting in the sun. People live indoors until summer. You have to GO somewhere to just be around people (office, movie, coffeehouse, mall). Otherwise you're trapped at home for months at a time. Talk about depressing. I've been climbing the walls for months. Can you say "cabin fever"?

    Part of the progress I make around June/July is simply because I have more opportunity for mobility. I CAN take an easy walk when I want. I can sit in the sun. My body opens and stretches and wants to dance - not conserve body heat. Not to mention I can push myself a little more without worry so much about catching colds and flus when I get run down. Geez, I'll be glad when cold and flu season is over! It's one less thing to deal with.

    So consider that.

    Any news on New Mexico or southern Utah?

    I'm totally shocked about the "banana belt" in Washington. I already have dark, cold and damp here. If the season were shorter then that's an improvement and worth my checking out.

    Anything more agreeable to my body than here.

    Keep the tips coming. I would like to start to do research online. More tips on how to go about that would be great too.

    Frozen stiff in New England,
    Ready to thaw,
  19. nan2dance

    nan2dance New Member

    Thanks Jill. I promise to check out a place thoroughly before making the Big Move. I'm sorry AZ doesn't agree with you. It sounds like there are in-between places in AZ like the Prescott area that are more moderate. Maybe you should check this out yourself. I wish I were making an in-state move! I feel like a pioneer leaving everything behind for the unknown. I've lived here all my life. All my family is here. And all the other supports. Eek.

    Anyway, thanks for the real input. I appreciate the warning.

  20. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

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