wheres my lighthouse gone? (Diane/confusedinpa?)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ameilie73, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Diane have you disappeared. Managed to ignore myself again today, each time i do it i remember your post that made me chuckle, which then I noticed yours gone. I know you said you didnt venture over to fibro board that often, lucky for me you did. Are you unwell? Otherwise can someone delete themselves by accident? Because if u can i better ask now how to get back lol. Because im bound to do it. I know you said you stay on this board so i thought id ask?

    Many thanks


    I took a look at My Profile i cant c any delete buttons there. I dont know?
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  2. ameilie73

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    I was concerned, one because when i came here i could have been lost for days not knowing the about the ignore button lol, luckily it was only for 2 days i put a message out there not knowing if anyone could see it and she typed a post in capital letters telling me i werent lost and told me what to do, it was funny and a relief. I hope shes ok.

    So you can only delete your posts but not yourself then? With these new site design coming up i was a bit concerned, not knowing that kind of information.

    Thanks Again


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