Whew Oh my I am in such FLARE TODAY Good reasons though....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrohugslife, Jun 18, 2006.

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    Oh my gosh I am in such a flare of pain today LOL but I must say that it was all worth it.

    I have been doing moderately well which is big change from the last several years.

    I have been on the Neurontin which has been helping the nerve pain which makes me be able to get around a lot more easily. I don't feel as much pain, however I have been learning that they Neurontin takes a few weeks to really feel the effects. So I remember posted way back about the med not working when in reality it is but it just takes time and patience.

    I have Vicodin ES to help me out for the breakthrough pain which I take maybe once or twice a day.

    Anyway yesterday I got up EARLY 7am in the morning and drove about 45 minutes to the county hospital to pick up my medication which is a higher strength of Neurontin this time. Then drove back and visited Jo-Ann, Etc which is basically a superstore of craft products.

    They have a lot more scrapbooking and rubber stamping items there. So I went there to see what their hoopla sale was about and made out like a bandit on getting things I have been looking for really great prices and got to use so many of my half off coupons.

    Then I went home and met up with my mom and she drove and we went shopping for me. It is basically the last of shopping to get whatever I need for my trip back home which is Jamaica, well second home, my first is here in the United States where I was born. My family and I will be visiting family there, and I have relatives coming from England that I have not seen since I was a wee baby, so it will be nice to see them and I will be enjoying the beaches of course.

    It was just a great time to be able to spend time with my mom shopping and talking,etc. She was elated that I could go out and handle the trip out and get things done for myself.

    I could see it in her eyes that she loved that I was able to be in not so much pain and take on the opportunity to be out and about. I also went to the movies with my folks later that evening. I saw the Break Up which was good.

    My mom just visited my room to give me a big hug and let me know how happy she was to see me be able to go out and just enjoy myself and smile and laugh. I was not in much pain at all yesterday but felt a little tired out and then I pushed myself last night to finish all that I could for school.

    I will need to look at my paper later to make sure it makes sense LOL, and look at my final exam and double check on my answers (open book exam).

    I have come to realization from last week that despite my illness I just cannot let it control my life and I need to be able to enjoy life the best that you can.

    I still have problems of course and a whole lot of them like everyone else, no one was promised life would be easy.
    But like everything, see the little beautiful white flower, enjoy its beauty and strength.

    I learn from so many of you, that despite the pain and fatigue, and all that you go through. You still make it a point to go after your dreams and things that you like to do despite these DDs.

    In all this you really have only one life and got to live it up the best that you can.

    Many hugs and off to do my Yoga and Balance Ball (lots of screaming will come from me due to the pain LOL, but I will be fine).

  2. Jordane

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    Good for you hun!!! For having a nice time with your parents.And being able to go out and enjoy yourself.

    Take Care!!

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