Whey Protein, 5htp and Acetyl L-Carnitine

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    I'm starting on 20g whey every morning. For those who take whey protein, I'd like to know, is it wise to also supplement with Acetyl L-Carnitine, or is that overkill?
    I don't see Carnitine listed on the amino acid profile on the whey so it must be formed from two other amino acids??

    Also, is it OK to supplement with 5htp when you're getting tryptophan with the whey?? I only take 50 mg of 5htp daily, not a very big dose, but worry about serotonin syndrome.

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    20 gm is a good amount of whey to start out with. Bodybuilder say 1gm for every lbs of body weight. That's a little much in my book. I shoot for 60-80 gms of whey protein in supplement form, normally 60gm. The rest of my protein is made up of high quality fish and chicken and turkey proteins. It is true you will get some Carnitine but you need more. The Acetyl "L" for of carnitine is the best I take 300mgs a day. I take it in the am because it can interfere with sleep. Not that it is a stimulant but it helps power the mitochondria which is great for FMS and CFIDS much less anyone body building or trying to lose some weight. I am in no way a Dr. in the field but I have been studying bodybuilding/nutrition herbal and other supplementation for 15+ years. I believe that the key to help persons with FMS is eating like you were a bodybuilder. That is my goal. I am not trying to look like Arnold by any means but there is so much infomation on muscles and energy in body building magazines I think it is one area that is overlooked when it comes to FMS and CFIDS and many diseases. There are supplements that help stop the breakdown muscle tissue or speed up repair of micro tears that occur when wieght lifting. Well our form of weightlifting with FMS is sometimes just walking. Some of these supplements I could not live without. I have had FMS/CFIDS for 12+ years, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and have help myself more than any drug probably could ever do. There is not magic formula. I have a personal trainer because now after changing my diet for the past few years I am able to work out again. I am a 42 YO male, 240 lbs, 11% bodyfat, 6' 3 1/2 inches. I lift everyother day and lift heavy. The only thing I can't do right now is much cardio which I still think has to do with damaged mitochondria and the proper amount of oxygen getting to my muscles. So that is my next adventure in my life. Sorry for going on and on but I am real pasionate when it comes to eating right and FMS and also lifting weights; if you can. Don't try anything without first doing a lot of research. For instance if you have diabetes you have a chance of developing kidney problems which if you have protein spill over in your urine means you need to cut back on protein. This is just one example. There is so much info on the net it is amazing. Pick up a bodybuilding magazine and start reading, read the ads, they talk about muslce repair so you can grow better, how to sleep better to make you grow and repair muscle and on and on. As for for the 5htp that is a small amount but do some research first. I would not want to give any advice because messing with your seratonin levels can be very tricky. Above all you don't want to make anything worse. Good luck and lets us know how things are working out - Bobby
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    do you take the whey at the same time as the acetyl l-carnitine? i have read that amino acids compete with each other for absorption, so i figured i would take the carnitine later in the day, separate from the whey.

    thanks for the info,
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    Hi Eddie,

    This is my protocol considering these supplements:

    Whey Protein Concentrate Shake - I do this at lunch as I'm not much of a breakfast eater. My shake = 52 grams, but you can take the larger 78 gram if you like. My product doesn't have any amino acids intentionally added. It is loaded with the B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vit A & C and a couple of other things. My main interest here is the whey protein concentrate for immune system and ingredients to "feed" my muscles.

    Acetyl - Carnitine - (Alcar) I take 1200 mgs a dose with this and like most amino acids, on an empty stomach. It is in powder form and I mix it with apple juice. I take this 2xd. It isn't uncommon for people to take 3000mgs total a day of alcar.

    5-HTP - I don't take this amino acid anymore, but it I had some very good benefits from it. I don't think there is going to be a problem with the amount of trytophan in your shake and the 5-HTP you are taking. 50 mgs of 5-HTP once daily is a very small amount.

    When I took it, it was mainly for treatment of CFS/FM headaches. I took 100mgs on empty stomach 2xd. The dose is going to depend on what you are trying to accomplish. For depression and weight loss - 100mgs 3xd , fibromyaligia and headaches 100mgs 2xd , insomnia 100 - 300 mgs 45 minutes before bedtime.

    It just all depends on what you want. If it were me, I wouldn't rely on the shake for AA theraputic levels, but for the immune enhancement. I can't say enough great things about alcar ... and could list more health benefits from it. I stopped 5-HTP as I take tramadol which also influences serotonin and didn't want to risk serotonin syndrome.

    I also felt more of a need of dopamine action vs serotonin, but that's a different post. All in all, 5-HTP did an excellent job in controlling the fibro headaches that used to plague me.

    I'm sorry I couldn't make this more succinct. I don't know how to condense the information on these three supplements!
    Hope it helped you somewhat.

    Take care,


    PS ... I take the whey shake and alcar totally seperate and away from each other time wise. The same held true with 5-HTP when I had it in my protocol... 3 different things at three different times.
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    Have not tried 5HTP. I believe the whey helps build the immune system if it is undenatured whey and not just whey protein. ALC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Co-Enzyme Q 10 are good antioxidants.

    Probiotics are another part of rebuilding the immune system.

    Love, Mikie
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    I take it very first thing in the am on an empty stomach. After I shower etc. I then have my proten shake and take my other supplements and meds. You really do have to balance your supplements and time them according to how they are digested, processed and metabolized. For instance don't take a high fiber supplement with vitamins, will push them right out, or most of them, less absorbed. I am a life extenionist and take many, many supplements and that is one thing I attribute to my good health. - Bobby
  8. taniar

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    Can anyone tell me the difference between whey protein and undenatured whey protein? Is one better than the other, why?>

  9. bpmwriter

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    lots of good information here. the more i research acetyl l-carnitine, the more critical it seems for any long-term treatment plan. it's one of the most well-researched supplements i've ever come across with documented benefits in the treatment and prevention of alzheimer's and parkinson's disease. from boosting mitochondrial function (=energy) and brain power to combatting depression, it's a shoo-in for me! i started 250mg this morning. will eventually increase to 500mg and possibly go up from there.

    taniar, the "undenatured" products are processed at low temperatures which preserves the integrity of the amino acids.

  10. taniar

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    Eddie, thank you for the insight on undenatured whey.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Increases glutathione which is very good for what ails us.

    Love, Mikie

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