Whey Protein Isolate and blood type diet No No for O's

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    I like some imput please? Some of you follow and/or familiar with d'adamo's eat right for your type it is based on a lot of research from what i've seen,

    but for Type O's like me they say avoid All whey.

    I e mailed HIEDI i guess his assis. i don't know if this included bioactive undenatured milk whey protein (right off the immunplus package (same as immunplex etc),

    i said dr. cheney and most researches agree most CFS patients are universally low in glutathiane,

    i know every time he test me i am, cheney said they did studies with just glutathiane and they got sicker then then used reduced glut. or the immocals immunplex etc and they felt better,

    any opinionis on this? I wonder how peter d adamo thinks very sick CFIDS patients are supposed to increase intracelluar glutathine levels? And No foods won't do it enough, they will help of course, per Dr cheney,

    thanks Paul Mark
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    Bumping for information........
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    for all this.

    One thing I would disagree with is that all blood type Os should avoid whey products, if they can be tolerated and help they should be used.

    I checked out the blood types and half of it made sense when I looked at myself and family members, but some of the foods were a definite no no for all of us.

    Well this confused me until Klutzo explained the obvious limitations within the blood grouping theory and dietary guide. There's a book on metabolic typing which she recommends and which show the reader how to ascertain the right diet for just them.

    Paulmark had you thought about the cellfood supplements that have been featured in posts here. They are absorbed in the mouth not the stomach and are claimed to increase cellular oxygen whilst provding essential trace elements. I'll bump Pat Palmers post up for you. You could then contact distributors and see if first the basic cellfood, and then a more spcialist one, could go someway towards achieving benefits of glutothione and more in a safer way for you.

    Just thought this might help and bypass your allergy problems.