Which Antidepressant do you think is best?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by namow, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. namow

    namow New Member

    I would like to know your experiences with antidepressants. I have tried many but I don't feel any of them have really worked like I would like them to. Currently taking lexapro.
  2. HRgirl

    HRgirl New Member

    Does help with my pain. Took about 6-8 weeks and some adjustments in strength to reach full effect and had some weird side effects in the beginning that went away.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    There really isn't one right answer here. These drugs work differently for each person. It can be frustrating to try to find the right one. Sometimes combinations can work better than just one drug.

    Here's hoping you find one that helps you soon.
  4. momblue

    momblue New Member

    Right now, I take Wellbutran, twice a day. So far, so good. Over the years, I have been on Proxac, which made me uncaring, I didn't laugh, or cry. I mean, if a kitten was killed in front of me, I would not have cried! Effexor was good for awhile, but I hated the weight gain(and no sex drive). Zoloft was good for me too, but again, I gained 35 lbs on it.I usually have to get new meds every 2 years or so, so that time is coming soon. I have not been put on lexapro yet....
  5. Rnclegal

    Rnclegal New Member

    I used Effexor for many years with good emotional control however, Cymbalta now is FDA approved for fibro pain so its rather like getting the double whammy. My physician recommend Cymbalta 120 mgs per day rather than the 60 mgs.

    Carolyn Bowen
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Most definitely Cymbalta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least this is the best one for me! It also has the added benefit of helping with my neuropathy pain! (and fibro pain!).

  7. poeticbobbi

    poeticbobbi New Member

    I was taking wellbutrin and it was working I think but the sexual side effect thing proved too bother some.My doctor changed me to something else but I can't remember what.Now I am not taking anything and I am not sure if the meds were doing anything because I am no worse for wear without them.My flare ups aren't any worse, so who knows.
    Ah,I just remembered the other med it was Zoloft.So I think I was on the Zoloft first and was bothered by the sexual side effect then changed to wellbutrin and it was ok.But I could not take the generic I had a horrible allergic reaction to it.
  8. LouiseK

    LouiseK New Member

    I tried Effexor and Cymbalta and both of them gave made me feel like I was on LSD -- hearing voices (I mean real voices one might here . . .) sort-of dreaming while awake, etc. Also the stomach burning, insomnia and all that. And so much anxiety I couldn't even speak one day. They sound fantastic when you describe them. Am I the only one to react like this??

  9. NannyGlo

    NannyGlo New Member

    Hi Namow. I have had Clinical Depression about as long as I've had Fibro, so I've been on my share of antidepressants, too, over the years. Right now, what is working for me is 2 different types of AD's: Paxil (SSRI type) and Doxepin (Tricyclic type). I take the Paxil during the day, and the Doxepin at night. I have problems with anxiety as well, so I don't like the AD's that give a person more energy, because in my case, it makes me too hyper and more anxious. Paxil is one that has a sedative effect, but once your body adjusts to it, you aren't left with a "hangover" feeling. I've never tried Lexapro, but I have recently tried Celexa and (darn, my mind is a blank) on the name of the newer one they advertise on TV, about how depression affects everyone, not just the person with depression. Neither one worked well for me, so Paxil is my current one of choice. NannyGlo
  10. Reidsbeads

    Reidsbeads New Member

    all the different anti-depressants they've had me on, I had reactions to them all. Some of the anti-depressants actually alter you from yourself. They mess with your head, so just be careful. Tam

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