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  1. Issa77

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    EBV?? I have always been told that antivirals don't work at all but if there is a chance I would like to try one. My doc never even brought up antivirals (grrrr at her).
  2. Issa77

    Issa77 New Member

    Anyone please....
  3. Slayadragon

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    I've yet to hear anything (except now secondhand from your doctor) that suggests that any of the commonly used AV's---Famvir, Valtrex or Valcyte---don't work against EBV.

    Any should do, therefore.

    The question is whether EBV is your main problem. For instance, even if tests don't show HHV6 or CMV, both of those viruses can go totally into hiding and then reemerge.

    You also could be infected with herpes viruses (or other viruses) that have yet to be identified. HHV6 was just discovered in 1986, and (especially since no one is looking very hard for more herpes viruses) many or most experts believe that there are ones that have yet to be found.

    That being said, my doctor has had tremendous success giving patients just Famvir. Some, like me, have big die-off reactions to it, which suggests that something's going on.

    But he says that a lot of people end up getting totally well on it even though it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I personally know a patient of his that had that experience (my best friend's mother), and so I'm confident it's true.

    He keeps patients on Famvir for a long time though, and then pulses the drug before taking them off of it. The short-term courses that people take (I've seen this a lot from FFC patients) don't seem to cure people, and they often relapse back to where they started if they do see improvements.

    Best, Lisa
  4. ask2266

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    All I have is EBV (no IgM-just IGG), and Famvir has worked great for me! I take 1000mg, 2x per day. It has literally changed my life.

    Unlike Valcyte, Famvir doesn't have as much risk, and I've had no side effects. It's a newer drug that Valtrex.

    Whatever you choose to go with, be aware that you will feel terrible, worse than you've ever felt, when you first start them-- you may be bedridden. It may freak you out and make you want to stop taking them, but if you stay the course, you will get better and better and better.
  5. Issa77

    Issa77 New Member

    thanx for replying everyone!!!

    I need to get one of my doc's to check my ebv again. I haven't had it checked since I was diagnosed. Should I just ask my doc?? Since she knows I have it should she have been checking it all along??

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