Which do you think is worse?

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    I've been reading people's stories here and it has occurred to me to wonder. I'd like to hear people's opinions on which is worse.

    Would it be living your entire life with FM, never being able to do what you wanted to do with your life, never being able to get out and have the fun other people have or to follow your dreams?

    Or would it be having a normal, active, successful life and then suddenly losing it to a devastating disease like FM?

    I've been jealous all my life of people who "had a chance". Now I'm not so sure. I think it would be worse to have it and then lose it.

  2. kredca4

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    I would say, there are Regrets on both of those Seniero's, and by the way, even the Healthy , normal (?) people can pass up the chance to follow their Dreams.
    And with Life, other's who have it All can suddenly lose it , for some other reason.

    I just Hate having the FMS, cause it Limit's what I can do.
    I just took a trip, and instead of covering as many Miles as I used to , say 20 years ago, I had to cut back on my Driving time. the upside was I got to see more of where I was Traveling through.

    I see we are both the same age, so I know what you are feeling , I think, at this point.

    FMS just Sucks the life out of you, but you can still have a dream, just have to change it a little huh?

    BTW, I was a Photographer, with my Own Studio, and it was Devasating to have to give it up, but I couldn't keep up the Pace, I was undx at the time, but it still cost me just the same. Now I'm trying to learn how to use AdobePhotoshop, but I get so confused, doing Layer's? It's the FMS at work, but I keep trying.
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    I do agree that the older you are when you get this DD,the harder it is to accept.I will be turning 40 next month,and up till about 3 years ago I had a very active and done what I wanted to life.I have always been very fit and very strong (for a girl).I was always the one that the guys would say,"why don't you try and arm wrestle Donna"?I would always beat my husband when we would leg wrestle.We always got a big kick out of that.I am 5'6"-125 pounds,he is 6'-190pds.I was always trying to compete with the guys when growing up.
    But WOW!!,my life has done a complete 360.Now when my husband tries to play around like this,well I guess I should just say,"we don't".My family is suffering because they don't understand why Mom can't do things like she use to,and why I am in so much pain all the time.My 6 year old little boy(my angel)has started mocking me.He says things like,oh my back hurts Mom,I think I need to go to the bone dr.Thats what he calls my Chirop.It breaks my heart because I can't playball with him or do any of the fun things like I did with my girls,yeap-this is very hard for me to deal with.Thats why I am here,hoping that I can get strength from talking to everyone here & maybe see a light at the end of the tunnel.
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