Which doctor to help diet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yogastyle, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    I know that a fm diet varies for everybody but I was just wondering if anybody knew what kind of a specialist I would need to see who would reccomend me the daily calcium etc that my body requires. I am following a vegan diet and can't eat wheat, garlic, onion and tomatoes. I can't talk to my gp about this because as far as she's concerned, my allergy test to wheat came back all clear and so I should continue eating it. More worryingly, the two neurologists that I went to see also said that I should start eating wheat and animal products again (even though I have high cholestrol which is strange as it's not hereditary, i'm only 25 and have always exercised) I do keep trying cause after all they're the doctors. But at the end of the day, my body knows better. I had started this diet long before I was diagnosed and I did it by keeping a log of my meals and it was trial and error. By the time i'd got round to seeing a neurologist, I was pain free but my head and ears were still foggy. As many of you know, I would love to simply pig out on junk but I can't afford to. Since my doctors aren't providing the support and aid that I need, I wondered if anyone knew what I should do? I've thought about a dietician but don't know if that would be a waste of money as they might not believe that fm patients have different dietary requirements.
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    Doctors can refer you to a nutritionist, if affiliated with a larger clinic.

    I know two people who did this. One said it was helpful and the other did not think it helped.

    If you are referred, ask if you can see a dietician who knows about FM.

    Good luck.

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    Another option is calling around your area and talking to Naturopathic doctors (if available). They tend to have a different perspective on diet and nutrition than the run of the mill MDs.

    I try to think about getting new specialists or doctors like you are interviewing them for a job ... ask questions about what they commonly treat, what their general philosophy is, what they recommend most to patients to get an idea about how they would respond to you and your own beliefs about your health.

    I also want to compliment you on sticking to your principles and what you think is best for your body- too often we are treated like we couldn't possibly know what is going on with our own bodies. And while I think it's really smart to try out new ideas (diets, etc) to see if they work, if they DON'T work for you, if you feel awful and can tell that things aren't as good as if you ate other foods, GOOD FOR YOU in trying to stick to what you know works for you. You are your own best expert on your body.

    Take care!

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