Which is stronger? Hydrocodone, Tramadol, Darvocet?

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  1. TerryS

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    I was wondering. I had a diverticulitis attack and ended up in the ER on Monday. They gave me morphine which gave me total fibro relief for two days - YAY!!! First time I've been pain free in six weeks, and I really enjoyed it.

    Anyhow, they also sent me home with hydrocodone for the abdominal pain. It seemed to help my fibro pain better than either the 100 mg of Tramadol or the Darvocet-N 100. I don't know anything about these drugs. Wondering if anyone else could educate me.

    My doc is really cooperative. He seems to give me anything I ask for.

  2. poets

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    I had a spell of diverticulitis back a while ago, and they gave me Hydrocodone. Works pretty well doesn't it? You must have a great doctor. I can't find one who'll cooperate. I've never tried Tramadol. I believe that Hydrocodone is stronger than Darvocet-N 100. I've taken both and it helps me much better. (When I happen to have any.)

  3. doxygirl

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    Actually I believe that Norco which is the same as extra strength vicodin is the strongest....but if someone knows this is wrong please correct me:)

    I used to take vicodin and when it no longer was strong enough my dr gave me norco...10.325 it has 325mg of tylenol and 10 mg of the hydrocodone....but out of the three you mentioned it would be the hydroodone!

    Iam so happy to hear that you were able to have relief from your fibro for TWO full days!"YAY"!!!!!!

    Now you can probably see why so many of us take pain medications "yes"??? :)

    My pain medications give me a quality of life that I had lost to this dd...Iam so grateful for pain meds!!!!!

    "Oh and that is great that your dr is willing to help you with your pain" would you mind sharing his name and location with the members here so if anyone needs a good near you they can see that he is good?

    On the top of the front page here there is a few permanant posts at the very top one of them is titles "PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DR HERE" by Doxygirl....

    If it is not too much trouble please put your drs info in that post :)

    FYI if you are interested you can google pain medications and you might be surprised at how much info comes up and how many different pain meds are out there..

    Personally for me darvocet did nothing to help me and neither did ultram....but everyone of us is different so you never know it could help you.....

    let us know what your dr gives you and how it helps ok?

    I hope your feeling better sweetie :)

  4. ETN

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    Yes the Hydrocodone is stronger than the other 2 that you mention.

    I don't know what strength he gave you of the hydrocodone but the strongest as far as the hydrocodone part is Norco 10-235. I take that for breakthru pain because it has less tylenol in it.

    I also am on morphine and I tell you that has been a godsend to me. I has really bad nerve pain and burning on top of the severe neck and back pain that I was taking it for. It's really helped me out.

    Hope you are feeling better.
  5. ironspine

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    I take Lyrica and Hydrocodone. The Hydro is the strongest I've had and it works wonderfully. I'm able to go shopping, go to my kids activities, etc. but it makes me talk more than I should!!!!(haha) I've tried Tramadol, which is a milder version of Hydrocodone-it's got Tylenol in it plus another opiod in it-but it is so mild it didn't do anything for me except make me tired. We who get Hydrocodone are lucky since most doctors think we'll all become addicts.
    The Lyrica is kinda like Hydrocodone in the way it makes me feel-but there is break-thru pain sometimes with it plus the "get fat" factor..
    I've never had Darvocet that I can remember.
    Good luck!!!
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    I have a friend who is a pharmacist - she says most people find Darvocet about as effective as Tylenol. Darvocet is used for mild to moderate pain. For some it is very effective.
    Tramadol is not a controlled substance - it is an opiod-like pain reliever. For me - it didn't do anything - again for some very effective.
    Vicodin - actually comes in many different dosages.
    Norco actually is not the strongest. You can get Vicodin 10/660 (I have some)Norco has less Tylenol that is why it is often prescribed - you can take more of it without the danger of taking too much Tylenol. It comes not only in 10/325, but also 7.5/325.
    Lortab is another form of Vicodin - it comes in 7.5/500 - probably other doses as well.

    Vicodin would be the strongest of the three you mentioned.
    If it worked for you - Wonderful!

    Lyrica isn't actually a "pain medication". - at least not comparable to narcotics.
  7. Chiligal

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    If you take the Tramadol and have for a while,be very careful if you try to quit taking it. I just stopped taking and it was a horrible experience.
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    I'm taking it so I'm concerned.
  9. ann31065

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    bump for info
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    I am allergic to it. I can only take ultram, darvocet, and flexeril. I was also allergic to the Fentanyl patch. I had great relief from it until about the third week when I started to break out in a rash.