Which is the best oxycotin, morophine or durageslic patch

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rain122865, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Rain122865

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    my doctor is changing my meds too one of the above and leaving it up to me. I do not like taking new meds and hate changing. I want which everone has the least amount of side affects, I especially want which ever one has the least amount of effect on my stomach. I am currently taking ultram, hydrocodone, tylenol and advil every 4 hours and valium if needed, he said too much chance of kidney/liver damage and that I have switch and that it also is not controling my pain the way it should. Would appreciate any input from anyone, I am also trying to keep in mind that I may be on this long term or forever.
    Thanks for any replies, Rain
  2. tiredtim

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    the patch is good if you have localized pain in the same places all the time; you can apply it to the tender points and have relief. however, if your pain is widespread, or if the location varies, you need a systemic pain reliever. people get different side effects from medications. I like Vicodin (hydrocodone), because my pain is worst in the evening and the Vicodin makes me sleepy, which helps me to fall asleep. Oxycontin is also effective, but it keeps me awake. However, I've talked to other people who have had the opposite response. So, the main thing, is to try SOMETHING and see how it works. give it a couple weeks. if it doesn't work, try something else.

    caution: don't try any new med when you have to drive or do anything else requiring alertness.

    it's good you have a doctor who gives you choices, it means your doctor is listening to you.

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    It all depends on the individuals pain. My pain might be different than your pain. Its one of the hardest things to treat and doctors are really limited on what they have to work with. I tried MS contin (morphine time release) Did nothing for me but others praise how much it has worked for them. I didn't find something that worked until I went to pain management and found a doctor that wasnt afraid to treat my pain. I had tried what seemed to be everything till he put me on oxycontin 10mg. It worked great for me. Since then he has only had to up the dosage once. The only thing that I have not tried is the patch and I am using it as a last resort just in case the oxycontin stops working for me. The oxy has not caused me any stomach upset or anything but that doesnt mean it wouldnt others. Its hard to say until you try it. If your doctor is willing to work with you that well then I would say try each one till you find the one that works for you. Each one of those is a long acting pain med which is good. Don't be afraid to keep going till you find something that works. I was scared at first that I was going to become an addict or something but nothing has been farther from the truth for me. If your taking meds because you actually need them than there is nothing wrong with that. I hope you find some relief soon. Best wishes

  4. Bambi

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    over pain, maybe she's thinking of
    the Lidacaine? patch? The Durgesic
    goes into your bloodstream through
    the skin and is on of the strong pain
    killers. My daughter uses it, I had
    an allergic reaction to it unfortunately because it worked great
    for the pain. I now take Oxycontin and it does work well...I think it must work for others better than it
    does for me though from what I hear
    them say. I used to use OxycodoneAPAP
    which is just the Percocet (like time
    released Oxycontin) but with Tyelenol. I was getting top dose of
    the Tyelenol though so had to change
    to Oxycontin, I take a Tylenol with it now and then. Hugs, Bambi
  5. evileva

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    I have tried the duragesic patch too and it worked wonders for me. The doctor gave that to me when I broke my rib and it took care of all the fibro pain. I am thinking about asking my new doc if I can go back on it to give my liver a break cause i am currently taking Lortab and Darvocets. There is now way that I can use morphine cause I break out with hives. lol
    Good luck with your choice.
  6. seaview

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    You are one lucky person in my opinion. If you have to have this DD it is surely a good thing when you have a doctor who cares. Mine lets me use vicodin only because I was on it when I had to switch doctors. He will not give me anything else and has asked me to stop the vicodin when I told him that it is not cutting the pain much at all. The pain management docs in my area dont use narcotics....and so on and so on......I am left to suffer because everyones afraid to prescribe what I need. We had a doctor in our area several years ago(a pain management)who treated his patients with what they needed and for some reason it became a big issue here so now every doc is scared. So, please do appreciate this doctor of yours....I only dream of having a doctor who cares about me enough to understand that I cant take this pain much longer. For what it is worth I agree that you are just going to have to try each one and see which helps. I take 6 vicodin a day and it barely makes a difference......others take one and are higher than a kite. Our bodies are all so different.....Blessings and pain free days to you Rain....Kathleen
  7. kalina

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    I've used the Duragesic patch and one you haven't mentioned -- methadone. For me, they are equally effective, but in order to keep my dosage as low as possible, I switch back and forth when I begin to build up a tolerance.

    If you are concerned about the effect on our stomach, then obviously the Duragesic patch would have the least chance of stomach upset. Something else you might want to consider: cost. I believe the Duragesic is the most expensive of all of the options you mentioned, but methadone is amazingly inexpensive. (I was paying $125 per month for Duragesic 25 mcg, and the 10 mg tablets of methadone I am taking now are less than $20 per month.)

    Everyone reacts to medications differently, and your mileage may vary. If one doesn't work for you, try another -- your doctor seems to be offering whatever will work for you (good for him!).

    Best of luck,
  8. catgal

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    Hi Rain~~I have FM/CFS, 3 different kinds of arthritis, nerve damage, and degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems which is extremely painful.

    As I am my sole financial support, I have to work, and without the oxy I would not be able to function period.

    My physician started me on 10mgs oxy 3x's a day, and I stayed on that dose for 2 years. It took me 10 days to adjust to it--feeling sleepy and getting a headache shortly after I took it, but no stomach distress or other side affects. On the 10th day, the sleepiness and headaches went away, and I have had a very good experience with it--especially since it is long-acting, time-released oxycodone which does not contain tylenol or any other additional ingredients that could cause liver damage over a period of time. oxycontin is considered a "pure drug". And, because it is long lasting, I only take one early in the morning; one mid-afternoon, and one before I go to bed. I'm not having to pop pils all the time or have my pain management interrupted. And best of all....it's given me serious pain relief.

    I was on the 10mgs for 2 years, and just raised it to 20mgs this past December because I developed other complications with my back, and my pain increased.

    The oxy has helped with all my pain issues, and it has literally given me my life back. I sleep well; am able to work; am able to get out and do things, don't have depression, and I am truly grateful to my physician and the oxy. He also gives me 10mg percocet to take for any breakthrough pain for when I get too physical or overdo. I also lost 35 pounds as I was no longer "eating my pain".

    You are very fortunate to have a physician that is not only willing to treat chronic pain with narcotic pain management, but one who encourages you to be a real partner in your pain management.

    My heart goes out to all of those on this Board who are unable to receive adequate pain relief from their providers. I suffered needlessly all my life up until 2 years ago because I could not find a doctor that would give me any thing that would ease the constant pain & aching of the FM. It wasn't until my x-rays and MRI showed "evidence" of serious back problems that I was put on the narcotic pain management. And yet....neither my physician or all the specialists I go to give any recognition to the FM.

    I would encourage you to research, read, and talk to your pharmacist about these 3 medications, and then select one. Give it a fair trial period, and then if it doesn't work for you--try another one.

    Best Wishes to you on getting some relief soon. I suffered from the age of 15 to 51 needlessly, and when I read a post where someone is suffering just like I did because they cannot get adequate pain management, I know how much they hurt, how miserable each day & night can be, how they suffer unbearably through flares with nothing to take, how the pain drastically changes them, their lifestyle, and quality of life, I feel so bad for them, and there is no excuse to allow anyone to suffer needlessly in this day and age. I pray that someday soon they will find a provider that will help manage their pain because it is literally the difference between "living" and "existing".

    Once on the oxy and my pain under control--I honestly had to adjust to not being in never-ending pain/aching, and then had to rediscover my new self and new life again. I had suffered for so long, and literally "overnight" a lifetime of pain and misery was gone, and I found that it took some time to adjust to that and to discover I could do things I hadn't been able to do for decades.

    Take care of yourself, do some research, talk to pharmacists, select a med, and see how it does. You can always change it. Blessings, Carol...
  9. JaciBart

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    I posted on this a couple of days ago, I truly feel like I have my life back. I do not even want to imagine going back two weeks in time and going thru that pain again, I was overcome by pain and my current doc gave me all kinds og hell about 7.5 hudro's, so I am firing him and going to see Madwolf next Thurs, I am excited to deal with a doc who finally "feels my pain", it is so darn degrading to have to beg for help!!

  10. Rain122865

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    looking for more opinions please.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The time released form I took (Kadian) knocked me out for 30 hours, so I switched to the short-acting form. I only took it at night and it seemed to carry over the next day. I seldom have to resort to Morphine any more.

    I have seen more posts on how much the duragesic patch has helped people here than on any other meds.

    I do believe that we should ideally try to see pain meds as a temporary situation. They can free us up to look at other alternatives such as physical therapy, exercise, the Guai treatment, etc. I do not believe we should see pain meds as a way to get through the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, there will be people who will have to take pain meds for the rest of their lives because they will not get enough relief from other treatments.

    For me, the Guai treatment, getting better sleep with Klonopin, the antibiotic treatment, physical therapy exercises, supplements, epsom salt soaks, etc. have greatly diminished my pain. There is some research going on to determine whether Klonopin disrupts pain signals in the brain. In other words, in addition to helping with sleep, anxiety, RLS, and sensory overload, it may also work in a pain killing capacity.

    Klonopin is in the benzo family of drugs and is considered a heavy-duty medication. I did not enter into it lightly, but it has been like a miracle medication for me.

    Love, Mikie