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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Misfit101, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Misfit101

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    Thanks to this board I know way more about fibro than I previously did. But...how do I tell the difference between what is FM/CFS and just getting older? How do I tell if certain pains are the result of a flare or something else? Thanks to spring weather changes and my own stupidity, Ive been in a flare for months now with the exception of about a week when I felt so darned good I waaay overdid. I started HRT about 6mos ago and the depression lifted quickly. Ok, chalk that one up to older age. Still sweating though. Thanks to yall I know that could be the FM. But what else? Its hard for me to figure out. Is it even possible to have a flare that lasts months? Thanks ahead to any who reply.
  2. spacee

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    No one knows, I guess.

    Nah, I am kidding. FM, I think, is primarily diagnosed by the trigger points that are
    painful. Oh, tons of other symptoms but I think that is a biggie.

    Like my exericise teacher is constantly complaining about her muscles aching but
    it is cause she has taught 3 classes that day. No trigger point pain.

    I have been lucky so far, to only have the trigger point hurt when I tough them but
    my muscles don't ache except after overdoing it. Which could be old age!

    I do take Ultram twice a day for pain. But what I really take it for, is that it helps
    keep me awake. Sadly, it is only the brand name that works that way and that
    makes it very expensive. So, very soon I am going to the generic and sleep my
    life away. Cause DH wants to retire! I knew this day would come.

  3. Misfit101

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    Well...its like when I have pain in my hands. Dont know if thats arthritis or not. And I kept thinking I had pulled a muscke at the top of the back of my thigh. Didnt remember theres a trigger point back there. Pain so bad in my neck area...thought that was something else. Thanks to the posts here I know better. I sure wish Id done my homework back when dx'ed. Im having to make up for lost time....
  4. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I guess its just that Im moving into a certain time of life. I thought for the longest time that all the sweating was hormonal, that HRT didnt help with. Then I read here it could be the fibro. And the memory loss...thought it was dementia starting. I know better now. Im not THAT old. Its just certain things that as I Age Im not sure what to attribute it to. There are other issues that are simply too embarassing to admit to. Sometimes I get confused . . . .

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