Which is worse for me winter 's cold or the oppressive heat?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

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    When it is cold I am in more pain and want to do nothing and I never can get warm. My life is spent in teh bath tub soaking in the hotest water I can stand. This summer is a HOT one. We didn't get enough snow so not enough water. The weather is hotter than normal and we have broken several records NOt what I wanted to hear.
    In years past we had a swamp cooler that blasted out the coldest air and I froze all summer but at least I could sleep in my bed and get rest. We moved in to a basement house which I thought would be much cooler due to being moustly under ground, NOT true, I woke up this am with the temp around 89 and by noon it was off teh scale and even tho I had the fans going I was too hot to want to do any thing. I am so fatiqued that all I want to do it sleep. I find that just walking a bit more than usual in this heat I will pay for it for the next few days, I am so sleepy that I sturggle to wake up and then all day I am fighting to stay awake, every time I blin k and my eye;'s close I want to sleep and have found my self confused as the TV show I was watching before I dozed off is not the same thing I am watching now.

    I am so hot that my head sweats and I drip sweat from my eye brow's and the back of my hair looks like I just got out of the shower.
    Tonight my hubby put a fan at teh back door and we have one in teh living room ciruaalateing around the room but it is realluy not doingd much to ease this in unbearable heat.
    I am strange as if I take off my socks my feet get cold and then my legs will ache deeply and throb but with them on I am dripping in sweat and so hot that I can't sleep...

    All winter I am wrapped up in blankets to stay warm and in the summer I am in the least amount of clothes possiaeble. I don't know which is worse as they both have problems that I struggle to cope with. How can one freeze when it is ovedr 90 degree's F , but I manage to do that too. I freeze in teh winter montohs so much that it hurts to walk and my shins are so cold that they feel like they would break if I were to bump them. I can't find a happy medium between the heat and the and the co ld of winter. I dont' know how to cope with this. I am so sick ofs beign too hot and yet my body stil aches badly and I really want to relax in a hot bath but it's too hot to have a hot bath. So I don't have any reliief in either heat or cold weather.
    Hlep I am losing it fast, I don't know how to live with this over whelming heat now and in windter the nasty cold.

    I am, in limbo as both cold and heat only cause me more pain adn surrering as well as lack of sleep. there is nothitng I can do to ease either situation. I give up. I don't have the answer as to wich is worse hot or cold.

    I think I am loisng my mind. Help any answers are appericated.
  2. Saoirse3

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    Having lived in North Carolina and Alaska, I've been at both ends of the temperature scale, so I know what you mean. They used to tell me in NC that I would "get used to" the heat and humidity. After 35 years I thought either I was slower than a sloth, or they were trying to make me feel better. Therefore, when I moved here, I couldn't believe people were complaining about "the heat" when it got over 60. Five years of sub zero winters changed THAT idea! I think if I had to vote, I would probably go for the winter. Just because I can pile on blankets or crank the heat up. But you can't turn off the heat of summer so easily. And they don't make it any easier in hot climates, at the malls or restaurants, by blasting the air conditioning so high that a polar bear needs a sweater.

    My husband is a trucker and he used to move furniture in the summer heat. He had this thing he really liked that he got at a truck stop, but you can make one pretty cheap. It was, basically, two bandanas, folded and sewn together to make a tube. Then he got some of those plastic ice cubes that you freeze and put in a drink, that don't water down your drink. He would freeze them, put them in his bandana tube and tie it around his neck. It kept his hands free and him cooler. He had a couple of them, so when one melted, he could get one out of his cooler.

    I know it isn't much, but I hope it helps a little! Sending a cool hug!

    Soft hugs,
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    before we had to sell our house as we had a goo dswamp cooloer and I could wrap up in blankets if I got too cold,.But when I get cold it is so much harder to get warm again. If my feet get cold then I am cold and in pain all day and all night. GEt my feet warmed up and I am better not pain free but better.

    This year has been a strange one a strange waterless winter { not much snow or rain in the spring} Now it is just far to HOT as Utah is hotter now than it has been in many a year. I live in a basement home and it is HOT as all get out. Last night and tonight teh evening temp was much cooler so I put a big fan by the open back door and a fan in the living room that cirucates thru the house and it feels better.

    But I have been so fatiqued, sleepy ,and so achy, feeling like i have been run over by a steam roller and flattened and my body won't pop back to it's normal state. I have streached and yawned all day long to day and I don't want to do any thing but sit down and read, I need to get up off my tush and clean up my house but I don't want to do it. I just don't feel like it. I don't know why? I don't know why I feel so tired all the time and I don't want to go any where ever. I can sit home and not have to put makeup on and doo my hair or get dressed if I don't want to. This is not normal for me. I usually hate staying at home and not doing some thing. But I don't know any one where I Live and all the old girl friends work day adn some nights so I don't see them unless I run into them at Walmart. ONe friend's hubby has pancreatic cancer and I don't know how he is doing , She is working more hours as a home health aide , she had been more than half way thru nursing school when he got sick. Now she is the one supporting him and being there for him . I can't do that and my husband would not let me. HE won't even let me take him to the hosptpital when he needs to go or sit with him in the room when he has been sick. ONly once did he want me to stay with him and it was aat night and I had his sister drive me and bring me back to her house in the am so i could sleep.

    Some thing iis not right with me and I don't know what it is? Could it be the fiibro , MPS, spinal steenosis, DDD, oesteoarthritis in knees adn wrist? or all combined and I don't have a doctor who gives a hoot about how I feel good or bad. I so need a new doctor who belives in me and is willing to treat me and check out some of the things I think need to be checked out like testing my vit D, or lupus, or lyme's, even the mps do I really have it or not.
    So many questions and no one to ask them to that can help me.
    What to do and who can help me ? Don't know.
  4. Saoirse3

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    Lived in San Diego (Poway, to be exact) for 12 years. The only days I really hated were those awful Santa Ana winds. But Julian apple pie more than made up for them! LOL!
  5. Sansofpa

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    I believe I found my happy medium.

    If I'm in 75 degrees inside or outside I feel much better.

    I kept a journal for 2 months now and that seems to be the
    right temperature for me.

    Like you, my winters are very cold and right now a 100 degree
    heatwave lasting days.

    I'm pretty sure that the humidity causes me more harm than
    the temperature does. It also causes my migraines to hurt more.

    I work in an environment that must always be 68 degrees, so
    no matter what the temp is outside, I'm literally cold to the bone.
    I wrap in a blanket and go outside to sun once an hour.
    I cannot tolerate a space heater; the noise acutally hurts me
    and the white noise makes me want to sleep.

    I'd take a long bath like you, but I can never get comfortable
    sitting in the tub. Showers are starting to really bother me when
    the water hits certain areas of my body; it's painful.

    My head only sweats when I'm sleeping . . can't figure that one

    This past week I had my son find a window AC that stays at
    75 degrees. He's going to install it tomorrow for me. I just
    hope my journal is accurate, because I'm trying so hard to
    figure our FMS and the weather, too.

    I can never use a fan. I can't stand the noise and any draft,
    no matter how slight, sends me over the edge. At work, I had
    a co-worker put trash bags over the vents under my ceiling
    tiles because the draft bothered me way too much.

    Sometimes, sort of like you, the outside temp can be high,
    but my nose, toes and fingers are still cold. I'm not sure
    if that's a condition or if it's just me.

    I have herbal bean bags that I microwave or freeze and use
    them depending on where I am, and what the temp is. I've
    already had a cold one on my neck and a hot one on my feet.

    I was thinking about getting a cooling gel pad for my pillow, but I
    need to find someone who uses one in case it's not worth it.
    I've spent way too much money making my bed more
    comfortable, but my efforts failed.

    I hope you'll find your happy medium soon, and comfort and
    ideas from all who've responded.


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