Which LLMD to choose?

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    Hmmm. Just got copies of my Igenex testing. All bands were negative except for **34kDA and **41kDA, which showed IND. Not too many have offered opinions as to weather this might bring a Dx. of Lyme.

    So, I'm trying to decide on a Dr. I'm in Upstate New York, an hour North of Albany. Dr. H is in Hyde Park, about 2+ hours away, and does NOT participate in any health insurances. Comes HIGHLY recommended by my Compounding Pharmacist, who I respect HIGHLY.

    Then, Dr. B, who has offices in Rhinebeck, NY and Albany, He would only be 1 hour away, and also does NOT participate in any health insurances. I grew up in this area and know the area like the back of my hand. I also know of no one who has seen him for either Lyme or Autism.

    Both of these Dr.s have high costs for initial consultation, as expected.

    Then, there is Dr. S, in Pokomoke City, MD. He would be 8+ hours away, BUT, my daughter lives 1/2 hour from him in Maryland, AND I summer in Ocean City, again only 1/2 hour from him. And, he accepts BC/BS, which I have.

    At this point, I am leaning toward seeing Dr. S, as he accpts my insurance, and I was planning a visit to my daughter in the next week or so anyway.

    Does anyone have any opinion on any of these doctors? Either based on personal experience or through feedback from other patients?

    Thanks for any advise you may have.

    **Changed Dr.s names to Last Name Initial only to protect their privacy.
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    If you can afford the doctor and make the drive, please go with someone known and trusted. Period.

    I have been miserable for 20 years. I just found out 2 months ago that I have Lyme and Ehrlichia. I am driving 17 hours away to see a doctor. There are a few doctors closer, but trying to find a doctor who believes in Chronic Lyme; and therefore will treat Lyme is really hard to come by.

    This disease has ruined and crippled many people to the point where they can not get out and drive to, nor afford a LLMD. My thoughts are, your health is what you need to enjoy anything in life that you love. What I live for/love is my daughter, and trust me if you have anything you care about, you should "spare no expense" in getting well.

    Because if you do have Lyme you will not get better without the earliest and best diagnostic treatment. Take it from someone who "unfortunately knows".
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    Every doctor has mixed reviews as nobody gets everyone better.

    You might want to check out flash.lymenet.org for their section regarding referrals however. One is not supposed to use the whole name of a doctor there because of the controversies, but if you give the initials and location, others who have seen that doc usually know who you're talking about and can give you advice and/or their personal experiences and recommendations. That is where I found my son's LLMD.

    (In fact, for the same reasons, it's a good idea to do the same here- most of us do most of the time unless a particular doctor has been in the news a lot lately...)

    all the best,
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    site as well.

    I did find some doctors by that site, and one doctor who was closer to me.

    But the doctor I decided to go see I found through my nearest Lyme Support group. LifeLyme.org is a support group that is closest to me.

    The lady who leads that group is 70 years old and she said she feels better now than she did when she was 35 because Lyme had her bedridden!!! So, even though there is one doctor who is a heck of a lot closer to me; I am going to her doctor. He actually had lyme. And she knows several other people he has helped.

    Plus, I found out that my daughter has Lyme and the closer doctor did not treat children. So, I wanted the best for me and my daughter, and I am driving 16 hours to try to get just that!
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    Thanks for your input. Wish someone had first had knowledge of any of these Dr.s. I did speak to the head of one support group who felt that Dr. S in Maryland had "strayed" from his previous approach to treating Lyme. Bit disappointing, as I was really considering him. I still may.