which magnesium???

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  1. daftlass

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    Hi all,
    I am confused about all the different names megnesium has,citrate,malate etc(prob spelt wrong).
    I know we get low in it so which one should we be taking.or does it not matter?.
    Take care
  2. daftlass

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    Thanks caledonia always prefer to try something that is recommended.Will give it a go.
    Take care.
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    magnesium maleate which has magnesium and malic acid I notice when I do not take it I have more pain-Kim
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    Is that what my doctor told me to take.
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    Check this out:


    Toward the bottom there's a summary of how different forms of magnesium supplements work in the body.

    I found it pretty interesting. Hope you do, too!
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    Yeah, I'd never heard of that either!

    I'm down to just a few capsules of calcium-magnesium citrate, so I may try to find the...the...whatever the name of that recommended form of magnesium is this week.

    (Assuming I remember to write it down, lol)
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    Apparently there is also a slow-release magnesium lactate available. It's called MagTab SR.

  8. mcondon

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    I would highly recommend magnesium sulfate cream (by Kirkman). No prescription is required. You rub about a quarter teaspoon of it on the inner arm from wrist to elbow. I find that it helps with sleep, cognition, and pain. Dr. Cheney uses it actively in his practice, especially as an adjunct to the injectible form for those who need more magnesium or for those who don't want to give themselves injections. His studies have shown that this magnesium cream improves heart function on echocardiography among his CFIDS patients.
  9. mezombie

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    The magnesium cream mentioned by Mcondon is magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) cream.

    It's actually really easy to make at home.

    All you need is epsom salts, water, and some lotion (as chemical-free as possible).

    Add one teaspoon of boiling water to three teaspoons of epsom salts. Stir until dissolved.

    Add 4 oz. of lotion or cream. Hand lotion, body lotion, aloe vera, whatever you have on hand is fine. Water based lotions seem to work best.


    And don't forget good old fashioned epsom salt baths. One to two cups of salts per bath (or start with less if you're sensitive). Soak for 12-20 minutes.

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  10. circle2

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    i think taking magnesium bound to a krebs cycle intermediate is good. they make it very bioavailable and feed an organic acid directly into krebs CAC (energy production).


    i think the most common forms available are citrate, fumarate and malate. theres also this one that includes many forms: