Which medical plan did you choose for medicare?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bozey, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I have medical under my husband right now so I'm ok. But in a few months, I will have to pick a plan through medicare.

    I am on disability. I was hoping someone on here has picked their plan. I know last year when they come out with all the plans, I was glad I didn't have to choose then.

    I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction on one they chose and are happy with. And has good coverage. Any with no deductibles?

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    This was my reply to a different question a while back.

    "For me, I chose not to enroll in medicare medical as my husband has Blue Cross Blue Shield and our insurance is primary over medicare. The medicare hospital is free but for the medical, I'd have to pay my insurance deductible and then my coinsurance and then my medicare deductible before medicare medical would pay anything.

    In other words, I'd be paying 90.00 a month for insurance I would probably never benefit from. I can sign up for medicare medical if my husband's insurance should ever end. So no harm done and I get to save money!! Yeah lol

    Once you get approved you've really got to investigate everything carefully."

    You don't have to enroll in medical coverage through medicare but make sure that you investigate how your husband's insurance works in relation to medicare. You can call your husband's Human Resources or Benefits Department and they will tell you.

    If your husband's coverage is secondary, meaning medicare pays first then they will pick up, you'll need to enroll in medicare medical.

    If you choose not to enroll in medical coverage, you can always pick up it later but you have a time limit in which to do so. Say if your husband left his job, you'll have 6 months in which you can enroll into medicare medical without paying a higher premium.

    And don't forget to ask about prescription coverage. And if you opt into the medicare medical, can you still be covered under your husband's dental & vision benefits.

    The best advice I have is to ASK ASK ASK...your husband's benefit department & Medicare. No question is too stupid so just ask away, that's what I did.

    Take care!


    DUH...after rambling off at the mouth, I reread your question.

    Now that you need to get medicare coverage, the same stuff about asking questions is more important. Call & ASK.

    I read through that huge booklet that medicare sends you and I had a hard time with it. I'm so glad that I can be covered under my husband's benefits.

    Just be really careful and make sure that they are clear on the deductible that you have to pay. My father has a $4000.00 deductible yearly. Fortunately for him, he is a retired trucker so he has a great pension plan.

    I don't see how they expect the average person on medicare to be able to afford such high deductibles and co-pays.

    Also, I met a woman at my doctors office the other day who told me that she was taken off medicare completely due to a mix up with her chosen plan. I don't know the final outcome of her situation but I'd advise you to be very thorough in investigating all the ins & outs.

    Good Luck!
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    I have Medicare through SSD. I chose the regular Medicare plus a supplemental, rather than the different Medicare advantage type programs. My supplement is through AARP. In my state, it's the only supplement available for those on Medicare w/disability.

    Then there's the Plan D drug covereage which you must select.

    When I became eligible for Medicare I was completely confused and overwhelmed at the possible choices and what would be best for me. I contacted a program offered through my state's Office of the Insurance Commissioner. I met one-on-one with someone who helped to look at my needs and help me select the best programs, both the supplement and the Plan D. You might try contacting the office in your state.

    Best wishes,
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    bozey New Member

    for your replies. I have til June to get all this set up. I just don't want to wait til the last minute.

    Hopefully I will get some more replies.

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    When I was notifed that I would be elebiable for MEdicare. How scarey. I went to the web site and found so much info that I was more confused and that was the beginning of my panic attacks .

    I found all different insurances PPO's, FFSP,HMO, and regualr medicare.
    I had to find coverage that didn't cost more than the $96.40 that medicare takes out of my SSDI. Some plans cost up wards of $250 a month far above the standard cost of origional medicare.

    Finally confused and panicing I ask a friend who is on Medicare. She gave me the help I needed. The number of her insuranec agent. SO I called him and made an appointment with him.

    I found out that the original medicare cost more in the end if you are under 65. I don't quaify for a secondary insurance. I thought that medicare was the primary and my hubby's was the secondary. Don't work that way.

    I talked to the insurance agent about several plans I wanted to stay on hubby's insurance for my script coverage, dental, vision.
    You should get a book called Medicare and You it will explain things to you.

    I went with Unicare's Security Choice Classic plan. You pay medicare part B $96.40 a month, I pay mine to Unicare it is taken right out of my SSDI check. Inpatient Hospital care for medicare is days 1-60 are an initial deducatable of $ 1,056 {this is not a yearly deductalbe only good for 90 days}

    Unicare I pay $ 150.00 days 1-5 days 6-90 $0 copay. The highest I will pay for a yearly deductable is $750.00.
    Unicare is a Fee for Service plan I have to check with each of my doctors to see if they will bill Unicare instead of Medicare. I can go to any doctor that accepts medicare.

    So I called all my doctors, hospitals, and medical personal to see if they accept this FFSP and in my area they all do. If I find that a doctor will not accept this FFSP I can either pay upfront for the complete cost of the vist, or If it is an emergancy they have to accept me but for that emergancy only.

    I won't go in to all of this plan but it is a good one. Go to medicare's web site and check it out, find out about what you need covered. Get an angent to assist you in finding the best coverage for you, one that will best cover all your medical needs.

    I hope that this helps you some. I found a company that has the best coverage for my situation , and does not cost over the $ 96.40 month. Oce I had the agent it was easy.

    Hope this helps you
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    Bozey -
    I haven't posted here for a long time, but just recently went through researching Medicare plans for myself. I am not married, just turned 65, had no medical insurance prior to this.

    I chose to enroll in Part B (covers roughly 80% of doctor's bills). This costs $96.40, and I have that automatically deducted from my Social Security check.

    I also enrolled in Part D (prescription drug plan). I chose a plan offered through AARP which has no deductible - there are copayments in some cases - many generics prescribed for long term use require no copayment. This plan costs $34.40 in my state - rates for other states vary a little.

    I also enrolled in AARP's supplemental Plan J. This plan has no deductibles, covers annual hearing/glaucoma screening, annual physicals, some home recovery options, all hopital/doctor expenses not covered by Medicare A/B. It costs about $130 in my state.

    The total for all is about $260/month. If anyone had ever told me I would be paying this much for medical coverage out of retirement funds... I can just barely afford this. I really have to watch my finances.

    When I started adding up what routine annual medical expenses ran, the extra cost to get supplemental plans with no deductibles was cheaper than paying those costs out of pocket before insurance would kick in. My medical expenses are now evenly distributed throughout the year as opposed to getting a big bill as annual physicals etc. pop up - and virtually everything is covered. I may have been able to get better prices on the same plans through an insurance broker. The broker I called here told me the plans are regulated so they would not vary a lot within a specific plan, but the plans themselves can vary in cost. I wanted to be able to choose my doctors without referral, have no deductibles. Other types of plans would vary in cost.

    This choice is a big hassle. Just as your mind is starting to fall apart you get bombarded with literature from a lot of sources - way too much to have to go through.

    Your situation may vary. You might be able to have supplemental coverage through your husband's insurance for a while. I'd definitely check to see what your options might be there before making a decision.

    Best wishes - Shootingstar
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    for more replies. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you all.

    Thanks for the info. I will do my homework and try to get one picked out.

    It is mind boggling for sure. I seem to get confused easily some days.

    Thanks again

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