Which Mercury filling replacement material?

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  1. zoster

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    I'm in the process of organising the replacement of my Mercury fillings and I'm looking into the replacement materials that are used.

    I have no idea which are best - some are plastics (ie petrochemical) some have Fluoride and some have other metals like Aluminium.

    Just wondering which is the best replacement to have, does anyone know? What did you have?

    I've lookied into testing by Clifford reactivity testing - I've emailed them about having the test done from the UK but no response yet - has anyone else had this test from the UK and how did you have it arranged?

    Has anyone had a different test for this?

    Any experiences/advice very welcome!

    All the best
  2. simonedb

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    good questions. i would love to know the answers but don't, please post if you find out!
    i am debating on whether to get rid of my one root canal, but would need to get a bridge and that would likely be traumatic too....
  3. Wolverine

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    I have found in my area a lady who has done alot of integrative medicine courses etc, and she changed her normal dental practice to holistic dentistry.

    She knows SO MUCH about it all, and she only uses bio-compatible materials - meaning it WILL agree with the body and not have any toxins or other bad effects.

    Do try to find a dentist like this.

  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Simonedb,

    You may want to consider having your root canal redone using a substance (Biocalex) used extensively (and successfully) in Europe. Biocalex is a product made of calcium oxide that apparently can seal a root canaled tooth and prevent low-grade or focal infections to take hold. The following website has more information on this:


    I tried this on my own root-canaled tooth, but the tooth had deteriorated to the point of not being salvagable. So I went with the bridge option. If I was looking at a similar situation to the one I had, and apparently one your dealing with, I would again first go with the Biocalex option to see if it would work, instead of having the tooth extracted right away.

    Regards, Wayne
  5. zoster

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    I did get the Clifford material testing done in the end - the results were a very comprehensive list of materials and noted which would be suitable and which wouldn't.

    Interestingly it did show I was having a reaction to Mercury.

    best wishes
  6. zoster

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    Anchorholds - just wondering, did you get any change in symptoms after having the mercury fillings removed? Did you chelate?