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    I'm new to this board I was wondering which non-narcotic pain killers work best for pain flare-ups?
    Thanks HappyDogSuz
  2. jat

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    I hope you find something. Have you tried Ultram? I've heard that's non addictive and works for many people.

    I'm a little embarrassed to admit that after years of looking for non-narcotic pain killers, I gave up and let my doc put me on the good stuff.

    It gave me back my life! I decided the quality of life was more important to me than whatever longevity I may be giving up. Actually my doc tells me not to worry about these "narcs" shrotening my life or causeing physical damage, but ..... I'm not stupid. I know there has to be a price to pay sometime. I don't care if I get addicted, since he tells me fms is chronic.

    For the first few years he had me on Loratab, but the ups and downs (crashes) were horrible. Although still better than limping around and having to use a wheelchair for any shopping. At least I had a window 3 or 4 times a day when I felt like getting out of bed and doing something.

    Then we went to oxycontin, which was a God-send! They pretty much eliminated the rollercoaster ups and downs. They are a slow release pill that you take on a regular basis to build up in your system and offer a more stable relief. BUT ..... they are very easy to abuse, and of course there are people out there willing to ruin it for the rest of us by giving the RX a bad rap. If these things are chewed or crushed, they release the whole 6-8 hours worth of narc all at once.

    Then along came KADIAN. It's morphine, but in a form that apparently can't be easily abused. It too is a slow release, long lasting pain med in a capsule form. I LOVE this stuff!! It doesn't make me sick, no rushes, no ups and downs, I almost feel normal!! Of course there is still some breakthrough pain, but that's my body telling me to take some ibuprofin and climb into bed. We still have to listen to our bodies. But at least mine is talking to me again, instead of screaming at me all the time.

    Good Luck Tender Baby,
  3. Lau

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    I find Ultaset helps me the most. Have had this DD for about 18 years and have tryed many, many, many others.

    Regular Ultram gave me severe headaches, Ultaset is Ultam with tylenol and it seems to work better and not cause the headaches.

    Best of Luck,
  4. Shirl

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    Hi Suz, welcome to our world. I am with Achey Breaky, I take OTC Advil gel capsules when the pain is hitting the roof, and never more than two in a 12 hour period. They work pretty good for me.

    I have tried prescription stuff, but they did not agree with me, am allergic to most of them.

    Other than the Advil, I use heating pads, a mattress heating pad, hot soaks with epson salts and peroxide, strong rubs.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear more from you!

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. Daffodildeb

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    Welcome "Happy"!!

    OTC Extra Strength Tylenol and Tiger Balm (a "rub") work best for me.


    Deb :)
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    I have taken percocet on a short term basis and it was great, but it is a narcotic and hard to get anyway.
    I use asprin like it is going out of style. In particular I use extra strength arthritis asprin (650mg) and I take about 8-10 in a day- it does not do much really. They work better if you throw in an anti-inflamatory, like advil or motrin becuase the two combined work better than the two seperate.
    P.S. have you tried such things as muscle relaxants such as flexril which is often perscribed for FMS? It is suppost to help with pain and sleep.
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    I am currently taking Ultram 50mg but for the past month or so it has had almost no effect on my spine pain.
    I've been boosting it with an Ibuprofen tablet. Can onyl
    take the Ibuprofen a few times a week because of my gut.
    Got an appointment with my rheumy on Thursday. Will see
    if he can give me a large dosage om\n Utlram or soemthing else for the pain.
  8. arod59_2

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    ultram is a good non narcotic pain med it sure has helped me, i was having migrains alot an started ultram now i hardly have them anymore.good for the over al body aches. hope you get some relief.
  9. stillfighting

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    Aleve or Tylenol work best for me. But everyone is different.
  10. badangel3

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    for me. I've tried Vioxx, Celebrex, Vicodan, & Robaxin. So far the only relief I get is from the Ultram 50mg with occasionally Zanaflex (muscle relaxer) at night. I have a full time job that's very stressful and the Ultram with breakfast first thing in the morning is the only thing that gets me on my feet. Hope I don't build up a tolerance as I try to take it only as needed instead of every 6 hours. I also increased my magnesium intake and noticed with in a day it really does make a difference. Jackie
  11. duketomato

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    I take ultram it is helpful. I also have used flexiril (a muscle relaxer)and it was good also.If you have time to lay down you could use microwaveable heating pads.Magnesium and Co Q 10 also work for me.

    P.S. If all these fail I get a bottle of Jack, a .45 magnum, and some little doll figures I make up to look like some of the crackpot Drs. I've seen and have me a little target practice.[This Message was Edited on 08/25/2003]
  12. lone-wolf

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    For over the counter pain control for flares... as in the 'flares' that I get like in the muscles from my ankle to my knee and my shoulder to my elbow ... I found that a good quality MSM supplement was helpful... I have to take more than the recommended dosage, about twice the amount.

    Most of the time I have all over pain and I have to use RX for Vicoprophen... and that just takes the edge off.

    Hope you find some relief,