Which pain meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jeramy, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Hi all,
    I had a really bad back spasm hit me the day after Thanksgiving which got worse and has been discovered to be two ruptured discs.
    I was put on oral steroids for a week, ibuprofen and pain meds. I have had some relief, but not much. So I'm going to have spinal injections at the end of the month. Till then I'm just on ibuprofen and pain meds as needed. Well the pain meds have been a real problem. Vicodin worked, but they took me off of it because of the acetaminophen. Don't want to ruin the liver.
    Then they gave my Oxy. It makes me very wired and jittery, can't sleep. Then they gave me Norco. Also makes me jittery and can't sleep. Plus when I did sleep I had hallucinations.
    Sooo, I'm not talking these pain meds now.
    I need to find a pain med that will allow me to sleep and will do the job. Especially because in about a week I have to go off the ibuprofen and all anti-inflammatory meds for a week before my procedure.
    Any suggestions? I'd appreciate what side effects you have experienced too.
  2. Allen

    Allen Member

    I have suffered brutally with Fibro for 22 years and was dead set against taking meds. like Lyrica and Cymbalta. Pain doctor told me that Cymbalta does not have so many side effects. So I gave in and since 8/18 have been on low dose of 30 mg. twice a day. It actually takes the edge off. Only side effect every few days is constipation. I drink an all natural day the night before and boooomm the next work incredible bowel relief. When something triggers a severe Fibro flare -up I just wait it out cause I don't think anything helps.
    All the best,
  3. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    I took cymbalta years ago when it was new. It did help me get rid of my depression and deal with fatigue, but not the pain. It's a good med, but I am weary of taking this because it is primarily for depression. I just need a straight pain med for acute pain. This pain I am experiencing is much more severe than my daily fibro pain. It's from a pinched nerve.
    Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind and ask the doc.
  4. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    OUch pinched nerve pain is the worst!!

    Did you ask about Vicodin without the acetaminophen? Also research on here-steriods are not recommended for us or anti-inflammatories but its very indivual.

    Good luck with injections it was a nightmare for me. However I also have PostPolio and found out they were not recommended.

    Lortab-muscle rub worked for me.

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