Which regions have most prevalent Lyme incidence?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Katy47, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Katy47

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    I noticed a post from August where someone said we don't have Lyme here in Texas. That's ironic, since everything in the world which can live and grow, DOES live and grow in Texas. It is one huge petri dish. Anyway, I know a lady who nearly died of it a few years ago and is still battling it. I've been contemplating the possibility myself . . .

    The Texan Katy
  2. munch1958

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    I don't hold much credence about the CDC risk map. Ask a vet and they'll tell you the truth!

    Say you are taking your dog on a trip. You can bet Fido will ought to have a tick collar on for the trip anywhere Lyme is endemic. That would be the entire globe with the exception of Antartica.

    Just to clarify....Lyme is already a worldwide pandemic. Read "Lyme disease: ancient engine. of an unrecognized borreliosis pandemic?" q. W. T. Harvey, P. Salvato. Diversified Medical Practices, Houston, Texas, USA ...


    CDC map: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvbid/lyme/riskmap.htm

  3. bunnyfluff

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    That is just more of the ignorance of this whole thing that we need to help people get straight on!

    It's a Global Pandemic!

  4. Daisys

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    I'm reading a scary book that I wish was a novel. It's called Lab 257. It's about the site of USA's biowarfare lab on an island deer-swimming distance from Connecticut. One town there is called Old Lyme.

    They used to shoot any deer that swam to the island, but stopped sometime ago. There's a lot of experiments done on ticks on that island.

    The first outbreak that got lyme disease it's name occured in the Old LYme area. The states around that island have the highest concentration of lyme disease. Ticks are now found there that used to not be found in the area.

    Illnesses that used to not be found in this part of the world first showed up in that area. One example: West Nile Virus. It's spreading too, obviously.

    I haven't finished the book, an expose, and it's a few years old. I hope the book got some results, and that situation is being addressed.
  5. mollystwin

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    I read that book last year. It's unbeleivable what went on at Plum Island. And that they actually hired Naxi researchers to work there!!!

    Everyone with FM, CFS or lyme should read the book.

    It's fascinating!
  6. Katy47

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    When I get to feeling better I'll read it. Good thing I'm on Paxil. The state of our country's government couldn't be just a whole lot worse.


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