Which Supplements for Immune Support?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by goodkamra, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. goodkamra

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    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with taking supplements to support the immune system. I'm looking for a supplement that would improve immunity in general, to enable me to better fight off colds and such and stay healthier in general. I've been told my adrenals are exhausted. I've had so much stress in my 40-something years of life and it's so hard to recover. Any suggestions anyone?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Plantscaper

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    Olive Leaf Extract...Purported to dispose of all kinds of pathogens and works more effectively than any other supplement ever tried...See PatPalmer's article on subject..or I will bump it up for you, if interested...

    Helped rid me of allergy symptoms and migraines, lowered my blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, IBS symptoms, etc.

    But, do not take if on any blood thinning medications, Heparin, Coumadin,etc. May affect diabetic drugs and blood pressure, probably because it is effective in these areas..

  3. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    yes, i'm interested in the article...please bump it for me! thanks much for your input.
  4. suz41

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    Hi Nerve:

    This stuff certainly can be confusing can't it. Even though I'm a health teacher/therapist I still research everything i put into my body. Are you taking any vitamins or minerals. Many of us are deficient in the many of the dadaily vitamins which only make our symptoms worse. Are you taking any B vitamins that is a good place to start as well as folic acid and vitamin c and E. I usually take a multy vitamin to which I slowly added the B complexes (1:1 ratio for proper absorption.)Otherwise your body will only be able to absorb ceratin amounts because they compete with each other in the digestive system. I also added Magnesium with Malic acid for the FM for muscle and nerves. If your having problems with your joints there is Glucosamine that can be taken and don't forget about the Calcium with Vitamin D. However if your satrting out go slow, talk to your doctor and I only add one supplement every 4-5 days to make sure I'm not having a side effect or problem. Also if your on meds check to see if there are any interactions as there often are with supplements. I have also found Evening Primrose to be helpful with monthly irritability and bloating. Hope this was helpful, but don't do it by yourself. If your realy unceratin check with a professional LOL

  5. Plantscaper

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    If you put that into the message search engine, it will pull up a lot of different discussions on supplements..

    Especially important are Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes...since a lot of us have problems digesting our food and having good intestinal health...Do you have maladsorption syndrome?...

    I think it lead to a lot of my problems...Well, I'm sure you will be having a lot of other suggestions, so I will go, now..

  6. goodkamra

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    I will look into your suggestions. I do take supplements at this time....multiple, calcium, probiotic, B complex...others, but my adrenals are blown big time and I need to build them up again!

    Take Care!
  7. zggygirl

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    for immune support. I talked to someone extensively about it, a honest, caring sales rep., and was convinced. They sell it on this board at the store.
    Or another would be grape seed extract, billberry & soy. Or at least that is what I bought as a combination supplement.
    I only question the soy part. I know that grape seed and billberry are for sure.
    Any thing that is an anti-oxident would be good for immune support.
    Good Luck, and *try* not to buy them all{G} It's so darn expensive!
    PS I checked the Transfor Factor on this board and they only sell one "type". There is a less expensive one that doesn't have the extra added things.
    You can find it at some health food stores. Even some doctors are using it now.

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  8. Plantscaper

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    Klutzo has a great deal of information/experience with the adrenals, as she is a naturopath and has been exploring this area, extensively..

    There are several websites she can refer you to, to help you determine where you fit into the scheme as you can have a combination of adrenal/thyroid problems which really affect each other..

    Madwolf is a physician's assistant and has develops programs to help both the adrenals/thyroid...

    In fact, I wish that I could get some of Madwolf's services over the internet and some of the other physician's, as it ain't happening here...what do you say, guys?

  9. goodkamra

    goodkamra New Member

    ...for the additional information. I'll check out your suggestions. Much appreciated!
  10. mitch123

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    What I use

    olive leaf extract


    Licorice root
    siberian ginseng
    Do a search on the internet, the above products have been proven to help the Immune system and nourish strengthen the Adrenal cortex.