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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by natto, Jul 6, 2005.

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    I am new to transfer factor. Was taking dosage of 2 a day of 200mg 4Life for awhile without a big noticable difference. Then I had a set back, swollen glands etc so I upped the dose to 1600mg twice a day. felt good but started to herx( vitamin C seems to help me with the herxing).But in general my body flexiblity increased immensely and my energy was great.Do tf and vit C work together syngergistcally? I have just ordered some TFPlus from 4Life, and am wondering if the addtional price is worth it.Also are there other brands of TF that people reccommend.I dont have insurance so i cant afford the specfic tests and am wondering if their is a general TF that people like? Also do you have to keep taking TF on a regular basis? I had taken colustrum for a couple of years with good results untill I developed an allergy to it. a a and all any info is appreciated. And keep up the fight my heart is with you. Paul
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    Some of the TF's are made from colostrum so if you are allergic to it, be careful. Some are made with eggs.

    Love, Mikie