Which vitamins, minerals, herbs to take for CFS??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RexiesMom, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. RexiesMom

    RexiesMom New Member

    I have been reading articles on what vitamins, etc., that can be taken for CFS. There are so many but I can not find any reports stating which ones work best at what dosage. Is there certain ones that work better and others to stay away from? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    This is a good question..I think each of us are different, so what works for one doesn't for the other.

    I am anxious to see some of your replies..

    I went to a homepatic doctor who put me on about 18 different supplements.I don't think my system was ready for so many at such high dosages..

    The ones for CFS were Monolaurin 1 cap 3 x a day (this is like coconut oil an antiviral) CoQ10 100 mg 2 x per day (this is for energy and an antioxidant, and is one that I can take and doesn't bother me). N-acetyl Cystein (more for detox).

    He also put me on magnesium taurate
    125 mg 3 x a day, vit.D 5000 IU per day,B1 40 mg 3 x a day, vit.c 2000mg 3 x a day, fish oil and some Adaptocrine for my adrenals ..
    Zinc 50 mg 1 x a day and bromelain 500 mg 3 x a day..

    These were way to many at to high a dosage and I have been sick for a week..Not sure it its herxing or they were to many to soon..

    So I am cutting back and starting one at a time at a much smaller dose and working my way to see what works and what doesn't..

    I think the magnesium. Vit.C, fish oil and the Coq10 and maybe the monolaurin will be the ones I will start with..

    My CFS and fibro is from an EBV infection so need the antiviral..

    Good luck and I know you will get some good answers..

  3. dorrene

    dorrene New Member

    I have severe CFS and Fibro. These have really brought me back to life.
    Hawthorn ( strenth )
    Eleuthero Root (adrenal support)
    Astragalus (energy)
    Maca (endocrine booster)
    Host Defense ( mushroom mixture for immune help)
    Bupleurum ( helps stress)
    L-Tryptophan (for sleep )works great!
    Lots of vitamins: B12, all the B's, D, C, E, Cal/mg
    Fresh vegie and fruit juices
    Healthy diet
    I take thyroid too, levothyoxine and T3. I have had no problems with them but you do need a endocrine doc or a friendly doc to watch you closely at first ( regular lab tests). Thyroid has decreased my pain whenever I stop or reduce the pain comes back. Dorrene
  4. Kryssi

    Kryssi New Member

    I'm on my first month of the Dr. Titelbaum protocol. A local doctor is administering it and I never saw Dr. T personally. After some blood tests and a lengthy visit my personal protocol was determined and has been readily adjusted. I'm feeling the best I have in years. Get the book "Fatigued to Fantastic" which has the protocol in it. It may seem overwhelming at first but you don't do it all, you take it to your doctor and they determine which you need. I am on the following:
    Liquid Multivitamin 1 Scoop Daily
    B Complex 1 Tablet Daily
    B-12 Sublingual 3000mcg Daily
    Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1000mg Daily
    Magnesium Glycinate 300mg Daily
    Malic Acid 600mg Daily
    HMF Forte (acidophilus) (2) Capsules Daily
    Ambien CR 12.5mg Daily
    Cortef 7.5mg Daily
    Armour Thyroid 90mg Daily
    Nystatin 2 million IU Daily
    Clonazepam 1- 1.5mg Daily
    Cyclobenzaprine 10-20mg Daily
    Lipoic Acid 200mg Daily
    Fluconazole 200mg Daily

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