while reading the 3 worst symptoms game.....

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    I noticed a lot of fatigue, and bodies being sore, but the symptoms vary a lot yet we all have the same problem! FM is so vast, its no wonder it can't be treated well. I had many of the things people listed, but I didn't see one that I have, so I'd like to ask you all if you've had this. Every morning my body is so sore I wake up groaning, and I ache all over, especially on my sides, neck, shoulders and back. My sides get so sore nightly I have to lay on my back to ease the pain. Also sitting too long, or driving/riding in the car aggravates the FM a lot. I notice too that 2 people with the same pain can describe it very differently. Anyone else out there wake up like you were hit by a mack truck?

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  2. we were asked to name just three things that bother us the most with this illness.so that is why i didnt mention fatigue,because im working part time,and have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.my worst three things were the pain/fibro fog brain/and clumbsy knumb fingers.i think thats what i wrote,cant remember without checking the link again.

    those are the three that bother me the most,as a worker with this illness.

    but i dont want you to think that i dont suffer from fatigue,because i do.i have to go straight to bed when i get in from work at 7pm,as this illness just over whelms me even now,and i still tremble and feel weak,but i have to work,else ill starve.i have to manipulate my muscles in the morning in order to get them working properly to be able to go to work in the afternoon.

    ive just got out of the shower and i tried to wash my back with a bath brush,and i couldnt even cope with the pain that i felt just from the bath brush being on my skin.the pain was just horrible and severe.so that tells me my illness is currently in a flare.so please dont think that we dont still suffer from this illness,we do,we havent found a cure sadly.

    kind regards
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    Hi Fran, this is pamlamb. It sounded like my post upset you, and if that is true, I didn't mean it to come off that way. Chronic fatigue is as real and awful as can be, I would never think of it as unimportant. I only wanted to know about the am's being painful and driving the car. I too know that CFS is usually always a constant in our lives.
    I hope this helps. That said, I read you are from the UK, derbyshire right? I am in the midwest usa and only hear about places like derbyshire on Most Haunted...I love the history of castles and stuff, our history is not that far back, but immigration is what populated this country and we all came from somewhere like derbshire. I am researching my ancestors now as a hobby. Again, I'm sorry, Sincerely, Pam

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    hi willow
    At least we know we do not suffer alone! I have been taking flexeril(muscle relaxer) and so many at a time it isn't working anymore. I'm sure the vicoden would help but I can't find a DR to prescribe it to me. I guess these sides etc are trigger points, but it sucks anyway. Thanks for the input.
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    I don't even have Fm just CFs and I've felt like that too.

    In fact I had a whole list of vehicles I used to describe my levels of pain to my DH: train, semi, truck, van or rarely, a sedan:)

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    Some mornings I wake up in pain as a result of having tried to turn over in my sleep or move my arm. It's a terrible (breath taking)pain which eventually wears off. If i can get myself under a hot shower and take an over the counter pain med. that will usually do the trick. Other days, nothing seems to take it away and I end up having to just lie very still and keep reminding myself that it will eventually pass.

    Cheers Jana
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    Mack truck has been a part of my vocabulary for years. Even now I feel like someone has been punching on my sides.

    I'm sure that my body shows impressions from the mack truck.

    I like what someone else said about using different cars I may have to try that although the mack is the most.

    Take care,
  9. hi pamlamb,
    no you didnt upset me with your post,im sorry if i made it sound like you had upset me.i was having a bad day with this illness,didnt want to go to work,and id read a post that said,why can some work,and not others?are we mis diagnosed?

    and this illness was just wearing me down so.i know im not mis diagnosed,but i wish i was.and then my doctor would say.oohh you just need a little operation,and all will be well,your pain gone.BUT THATS JUST A DREAM.

    i know that during these months that ive been working part time,that my illness isnt happy at me pushing myself everyday,in all weather,to go to work.im angry with myself,not you.

    and my advice would be,dont do what i have done.dont push your body beyond its limit,in order to get part time work.i won ,i got a job,but now im having to cope with that very bad fatigue again,where i fall asleep in a sitting position.my illness isnt happy with what ive achieved.and i have no one but myself to blame for that.

    but im certainly not upset by anything you said my friend.

    take care

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    YES, Ive been there done that..=( SUCKS dont it!!!
    and I awaken alot of nights in so much pain like you, I CANT GO back to sleep muscles so stiff and sore .

    sorry hope your
    feeling better
    ps at first i couldnt drive at all,
    now i can, but not very long it only
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    I usually just say big truck,not Mack truck cause I can't ever remember the name with my fibrofog : )! My sides hurt so so badly - same thing, have to spend time on my back, which isn't comfy either.

    When I wake up, I have to wait a few minutes to get the courage to leave the bed and get meds, then wait a while before they kick in.

    By far, mornings are my worst time of day.

    I rarely drive any more because of the pain, and I dread being a passenger in a car, train, plane or any other form of tranportation in which you are confined and can't move around much for the same reasons.

    At the moment I also have severe dry eyes, so I also wake up with both hands flying up to my eyes crying, "my eyes! my eyes!" I'm such a drama queen, but they really hurt!

    Sorry you have to go thru this, but it is strangely comforting to know that someone else knows EXACTLY how I feel each morning!