While shopping yesterday I felt something in my back

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Dec 18, 2005.

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    My husband & I met our daughter & our 8 moth old grandson and her MIL. WE went shopping in a big Mall. I did something that made me have a sharp pain in my back. I do have degenerative disc diease, 2 bulging dics,L5-L5** L5- S1 so I already have back problems.
    I really hurt so much last night that I was crying most of the night and didn't sleep much. Between having my back hurting and my ldgs , knees, hips,& thihgs all hurting from over use. I am beginning to think that pain has taken over my life at least for this time of year.

    I had spent most of the day laying down but as I sit here typing I feel the back tightening up and hurting more than it has done all day. So I guess it is time for another hot bath to help it to relax.

    It is so hard having fibro and CMP and all the rest including my fat swollen wirst that I shattered a year and a half ago. I just want to be able to play with my grandson. I did and I held him for a few minutes but he want's to be down andmoving so I was walking above him as he crawled through the store so poeple didn't step on him.

    When my back , and the rest of my porr fat body could not stand any longer I went and say on a bench with the baby, he didn't want to be help no he wanted to get the smoothie that the lady sitting next to us had and he was working his way over to her while holding on to the bench but she was faster than he was so no smoothie for him. But he is so big and keeps changeing all the time. He was taking a step everynow and again and it was fun to watch him and play with him and I love being with my daughter and grandson.

    They are so fun to be around, his grandpa had him most of the time and the baby likes to pull on his grandpa's beard. He was talkinghis own little laungage, he is not a quite baby, when he talks he yells and sqeals and makes noices that I don't know how he does it. It was a good day and we did get some of the shopping done except for the PAIN. I really could do with out it. I just want to be the normal grandma who can hold the grandbaby even when he weighs 20 lbs and he is such a sweet baby when he wants to be.I want to be albe to carry him when he reaches out to me and wants me to hold him. And I can't for very long or I pay for it.

    So me and my achey breaky body that really is in PAIN I am in so much pain now and I am going to take a bath to see if that realy helps this pain in my back to ease. I know that I should ahve been checked out at the ER but I can't stand it whewn I go there and they look at the long list of my PAIN meds adn look at me like " HOW can you even feel a thing or walk for that matter." And they tell me that they don't have anyting that will ease my pain since I take MSContin and MSIR. And when pr should I say if they would give me soemthing it does not ease the pain because they use the least amount possiable. They don't like to give narcotic pain meds. IT makes them nervous and they don't know who to handly people who are suffering with chronic pain and that they take narcotics all the time. IT upsets the staff to have to give a patient narcotic pain meds as they are uncomforatable with it's use.
    I wish that they {the doctors & nurse's would realy belive that I do really hurt and I am not just saying that I am in pain so I can get some DRUGS, like I am addicted to it , I know that I am dependant on it but i am not addicted to it but they make me feel like i am some low life who is addicted. So I will just suffer till I can talk to my own pain doctor and tell him what happened to me. HE is going to get a laugh at it as he always does, I think he is trying to get me to smile and not feel so bad for myself, so I am off to the bath tub so that I gaan get this spasam to ease a bit. I have a muscle relaxant to take but I will take it after the bath so I don't fall and hurt me more..

    I am sorry that I sound like I am such a boob and whinning all the time . I hate feeling like this. I didn't ask tohave these problems and still I get the feeeling that the doctors think that I am faking it because for years they could not find a reason for the general pain I had and the headaches that I had and thie cough& all that stuff.

    I am trying to be strong and not whine or cry but some days and like yesterday I really over did it and I will be paying for it for a few days I know as that is what happends when you walk too much and over do things you have to pay for what you do. And it makes me so angry as I want to be the person I was who could go and do the christmas shopping and not be able to do things for days. And I have a house to clean and a tree to set up . And I daughter comming home and I dont' have her room cleaned up or the bed even made.So I am going to have to do this in short periods of time so that I don't make this worse.

    Thanks for listenting to me whine.

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    so sorry you are hurting so bad, maybe a Tens unit would help with the back pain, it has helped me.
    Feel free to whine here anytime you want, thats what we are her for, to help others get through it.

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