"Whimsical" Reaction to Supplements

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    I am SO pissed. Against my better judgment, I tried some of this transfer factor stuff. It wasn't so much the TF but the Vitamin B6 that comes with it (25% RDA per pill). After two days and four pills, I had no choice but to discontinue. 48, going on 72 hours of complete and utter and lethargy. I feel terrible!

    My body seems to be like that. Anything seemingly healthy, in any combination-- B vitamins, broccoli, flax oil, etc. my body just rebels against. (Maybe the reaction is due to all the years I spent trying to correct this problem. I just couldn't fathom that this was to blame.) I think the clinical word for this kind of unexpected reaction is "whimsical."

    I know a lot of us here have reactions to alcohol and stress, but is there anyone out there who reacts negatively to the wrong stuff? Bonus question: can anyone offer a theory as to what the heck is going on at the biochemical level?

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    Paul-I was just reading your post and the same exact thing just happen to me,except you were smarter than me.It took me a month to figure out what the hec was going on with me.
    I have bad days just like everybody else here.But this was more than that. I was feeling like I was not really here.I was confused,couldn't think,and for the first time in my life was scared to drive.I was getting sick to my stomach for no apparent reason.It was getting worst everyday.I told my husband that something must really be wrong with me,I have never felt like this.Kind of like I was on something,but not.I felt like I was on a bad trip from some unknown drug.Then it hit me,about a month ago I went to the health food store and bought some vitamins,B-supplements,B-12.Like you I thought this was something that was going to be good for me and make me feel better.Well yesterday I didn't take any of those,and "thank god "I am back!! I would of never thought that this was the problem,because this is something that is suppose to be good for us,right? How are you suppose to know what to take,how many etc..?Donna
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    Thanks for your feedback. There's so many people out there telling us, "This will help you..." "This stuff is awesome...." Well, you know what, they may be right for "normal" people, but they are not right for a lot of us. It just doesn't have the same effect.

    I live with a masseur and a personal trainer, and they are always pushing these supplements on me: blue green algae, megadoses of vitamins, super-health foods, etc.

    Sometimes I think about going on a partial liquid diet which has limited, if any, nutrients. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in my body (the liver???) there's a repository of two years worth of Vitamins C, B6, etc. (I do know that these vitamins don't typically build up in the system, hence, their need to be taken daily.) The only problem with this idea though is that there's so little these days with no added vitamins or minerals.

    I can't imagine the supplement industry funding such a study, but I do wonder what percentage of supplements purchased by CFIDS/FMS folks fit into each category:
    1. positive effect
    2. no effect
    3. ill effect

    Over the last few years, I may have tried (conservative estimate) 40 different supplements. Right now, I'm only taking one. All the rest have either had no effect or ill effect.

    If I sound cynical, that's because I am....

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    It doesn't seem to matter what I eat. I get this reaction with EVERYTHING. But, I feel better if I eat right. I've cut out most of the junk food. I've just learned to live with it. My husband makes a joke out of it and blames it on the dog or the cat.
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    You could be reacting to salicylates. Foods including, broccoli, flax, seeds, nuts, can have high contents of salicylates, which are a natural pesticide formed in soils, and many plants. Many supplements, especially "natural" ones,contain salicylates which many people are either allergic to or intolerant of.

    Dandelion is one. I found that when I was in remission from my CFS, I felt better from drinking dandelion tea. Now that I'm in relapse, dandelion-anything immediately worsens my brain fog.

    A pediatrician named Dr. Feingold discovered that many of his patients with ADHD were highly sensitive to sals, but that once put on a low-sal diet, improved markedly. Feingold foundation has a website with this information.

    More info on salicylates can be found by typing salicylates
    into a search engine.

    I'm just learning about it, but already many of the high-sal foods and herbs I'm reading about were mainstays of my diet. And, I find that they are ones that make me spacey or
    uncoordinated or sleepy after eating them.

    Unfortunately, these foods are often considered healthy for most people - except if you happen to be salicylate-sensitive or allergic.

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    you about feeling pushed to buy this,or try this,you need this with that.Thats the way I felt when I went in the health store.I was only there to buy one thing,but they insisted that I needed to take this if I was going to take that.I just figured they knew more than me.I am just someone trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel with this DD. But if it means feeling like I did for the past month,I will just have to pass on it.I will just have to keep on doing what I am doing and hope for the best.I am happy for the people that benefit from this,but I for one never won't to feel like that again.
    Take Care,