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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tigger57, May 22, 2006.

  1. Tigger57

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    Alright, I hate to have to ask this, but am I so horrible that no one wants to keep me at a job? I was told on Friday that the "temporary position" that I'm at had to be posted to the "member groups". Alright, I wasn't thrilled, but I understood. Now, today I go in and start getting phone calls about the job that was posted in the paper. That took me by surprise (although at this point nothing should). I went on the website of the paper and sure enough, there was the ad.

    It's bad enough that my rheumy told me to file for disability when I saw him on Thursday (and YES! I am having a problem with that), but this was a job that I really felt that I could do, and I actually looked forward to going to work. I have to admit it was only part-time, and I would come home and crash on the couch, but I though things would be alright. I guess I was wrong... AGAIN!!!

    So, I want to know what I ever did to deserve all this. I not only suffer with the pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, but now I can't even earn a living... an NO, I can't stop crying.

    I'm sorry to just drop this on you all, and I'm not really looking for answers, I just needed to whine. I truly don't know how much more I can handle.

  2. jenni4736

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    Its like my grandma said...you've come to a fork in the road.
    Road #1 You lay around and keep being upset about what you are loosing
    Road #2 You think about the new life you can have on a new road. You can do all the things you never had time to do when you were working.

    Look, I am in the same place you are. Its a VERY hard adjustment. I do understand... but what is the choice here? Cry for a moment, but then its time to get going. It's time to do all of those things you never could before since you didn't have time. The trick is to find a way to do them CHEEP!

    This too WILL PASS! You will find your way. Just give yourself some time to mourn all the plans for a career you thought you had...

    Cause the Lord had Plans for you that you didn't get the memo on. Maybe you are the next advocate for getting funding for this DD. Maybe you sell your chrochet items at outdoor markets or craft fairs. Turn your passion into money.

    You can do this tigger!!! All of us here believe in you...

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    The VERY same thing happened to me; I went to work in an office in 2002, doing a temporary job and thought for a long time, that I was doing a great job. There were 3 of us in the office and "I" honestly did most of the work; I wanted to work so bad. Well, in March of 2004, still temporary, I went to Dr. for check-up and he found something in my neck, thought it was coroited (sp) artery and sent me to get an ultra sound; this was on a Friday. Received a call from manager on Sunday night and said that due to budget, my job was ended. I was in total shock!!! I had all of my things still at work on and in my desk. I could do nothing because was temporary. That following (can't remember) Mon or Tue, got results that it was not artery was mistake, thank goodness. I didn't go back for a long time to get my things; they boxed them up and hired someone else.

    Bless your heart; I know exactly how you feel. I just KNOW that's what happened but guess what; after that, the manager left as well. I stated in one of my posts to someone, "what goes around, comes around". The ONLY good thing for me was the credits for SSD.


    By the way; you did nothing to deserve it and time will heal the wounds; it did mine.
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  4. Tigger57

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    ... and Bluesky, you really do know how it feels. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    I wish I was handling this better, but even I know that I'm in deep denial. I've actually applied for the job I'm already doing, and I'm taking a test tomorrow for a different job. I'm nuts, I know I am. I just don't know what else to do. I haven't even gotten the nerve to call the SSDI lawyer. I know I have to do it... heck, even part-time is killing me. I'm in constant pain and last night I must have thought about getting up off the couch and going to bed, but I woke up around 2 in the morning and I had fallen asleep kind of sitting up, but with my head resting on my arms which were resting on my knees. I'm lucky I didn't fall over. It did no good for the pain, I'll tell you that.

    I'm trying, that's all I can say at this point. I just keep trying.

    Thanks again everyone.

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