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  1. Applyn59

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    I am leaning towards calling my chiropractor Monday.
    I am a bit concerned about my neck. I am afraid
    to say this for fear I will be seen as a hypochondriac!
    Right after I fell into the tub, I noticed that my
    jaw was very tense and clenched. I have just felt weird since the fall. To clarify, I wasn't in the tub and slipped.
    I fell into the tub.

    I feel as though I have had more than my normal
    nausea and lightheadedness the past two days
    and am wondering if I possibly could have whiplash.

    I do not have excruciating pain or anything it's
    just that it feels "off." I noticed this yesterday.
    I was just reading about whiplash and it says
    it causes dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea.
    However, my pain isn't really bad, just feel
    quite strange and I just moved it and it made
    a big cracking noise. I have had that before but
    not recently at all.

    I am kind of afraid to tell my neighbor because I fear
    she won't believe me. Everytime I tell her something
    she acts like I am crazy. I will be in the hot tub
    with her tomorrow and she knows a lot about injuries.
    Maybe I should start complaining a bit tomorrow
    and see if she tells me I might have it.

    She mentioned her insurance but I have insurance.
    Also, it isn't her fault that I fell.

    This whole thing is getting to me I think. I think I should just go to my chiropractor and tell him what happened and he can take it from there.
  2. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Actually, by biggest concern is my mother. We live
    together and I don't know what to tell her about it.
    She has been extremely anxious and agitated.
    She was started on Paxil a few weeks ago and we
    think it's making her worse, so she stopped it. SHe
    is seeing her dr. on Tuesday.

    I haven't been anywhere other than the hot tub
    in 9 months so if I all of a sudden get dressed
    and ready to go out, she will be very suspicious.
    Also, I don't drive and she has been extremely
    fatigued since she had radiation treatments.
    I hate to make her drive me to a dr but more than that,
    I am worried about telling her anything. If she knew
    that I fell she would get very anxious. I am not
    exaggerating about this. I have many health problems
    and when anything different happens my mother
    gets really bad. I want to protect her but at the same
    time I need to get checked out as well.

    I guess I will lie and make up something that doesn't
    sound so horrible so she won't worry. I have
    no idea how I am going to be able to get myself
    read for a drs appt. I usually wash my hair
    in the sink but that is out of the question with
    my neck and back. Then of course there's the
    dreaded shaving. My mother could help me with
    that possibly. Depending how she is feeling.
    Like I said , she has been really bad the past several
    weeks and she's already nervous about an
    upcoming Lyme dr appt I have in a few weeks.

    Just rambling here.
  3. Jen F

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    ...if you have sustained a neck injury, I would think. They should be able to do some tests on the movement of your vertebrae and by palpation should be able to detect some things.

    but, I know very little about whiplash so, can't be of any help there. [except to know people who have had a collision should consider they have whiplash, even tho symptoms may not show up immediately]

    The jaw thing you describe would be a TMJ [temporal? mandibular joint] problem. It is not uncommon to have a problem in this joint -- the chiro can help with that too.

    There should be lots of info on the net about TMJ.

    I hope you get some treatment or reassurance soon, Lynn.

  4. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I do have TMJ. When I was reading the whiplash info it said you could have jaw pain. Itdon't have pain as
    much as it's clenched more than usual.
    Actually, noticed this immediately after the fall.
    My jaw felt like it was starting to hurt and the cheek
    was a bit funny. However, I have that facial condition that causes it as well. You know I can come up
    with an explanation for everything that hurts on my body!

    I am just hoping that my chiro is not on vacation.
    I only want him and him alone to touch me! LOL
    He had a substitute once and I didn't like her
    technique or anything. I had to see her because
    I had no choice. If he isn't there this week I will
    be very upset. He has been such a great help
    to me in the past because I saw him so often
    for two years. We have a very friendly relationship
    and he is extremely good at what he does.
    WIth my luck, he will not be there.
    I still don't know how I can sneek out of the house though.

    Most likely, my brother will call home tomorrow and I
    can discuss it with him. Of course, I could always call him but he checks in on us more often and I am afraid if I call him he will think something awful is wrong.

    I may have to call him though.
    My friend who lives out of town is worried about me
    and thinks that I should have gone to the ER.

    Oh well,
    Pooped out!
  5. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    sounds like he would be a big help to you, either with treatment or for a little piece of mind.

    good luck.