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    Posted early on after moving my Mother to my hometown. At times she seems to be "together", but then the definite progression of the Alzheimers sets in. Cataract surgery was yesterday and she's staying a couple of days with me--I feel positively "whipped" and don't know how much longer I can keep up the pace. Again I'm feeling guilty about whining, but it seems like my life has gone on permanent hold. Does anyone else feel like this or am I being a "big baby"? I really thought this message board might be a nice outlet, but seems there's not a lot of posting going on. Does anyone know of any sites that are more active? I think sometimes I just need to "vent". Thanks, Pat
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    Plse don't get discouraged. I know that it seems that there are not a lot of posts here but sometimes the board does goe crazy and, even if it doesn't, plse hang in there and wait. I am a not a caregiver but I am a FMS person. The support that we can recieve from our caregivers is phenoninal (?spell?) Plse do not give uo. You will receive an answer here. If not, Plse keep posting anf I will keep checking. Luv Deb