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    Hi everyone - wondering if whirlpool treatments for fms has been helpful to anyone? I've used whirlpools in the past but only sporadically. What about water aerobics?
    I have a couple of really bad days - much more pain and fatigue. I'm sure my flareup is weather related. Can anyone relate to the above suggested therapy?
    Thanks in advance.......luvyas........Member-Pat
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    I am fortunate that my neighbor next store purchased
    a nice hot tub two years ago. I can use it whenever
    I want. I love it.

    However, it does not help my pain in any way.
    However, it make me HAPPY being in it! LOL
    It has helped me in the past with reversing
    my sleep patterns. It is good for depression
    and anxiety. I hope it will reverse my backwards
    sleep cycle again this summer.

    I have tried to do a few exercises in it.
    Believe it or not, this super fragile person
    gets motion sickness just from using my
    arms or kicking legs! UGH!