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  1. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Went to the dr. the other day wasn't feeling good, had him run blood tests and my white blood count always comes back low but, this time he said if it gets any lower I will get a autoimmune diesase like(lupus, ms) I have been though so many treatments medically and holisticlly. Been sick for years.

    Anyone have this diagnois? Does anyone have any answers?


  2. bronzee

    bronzee New Member

    Mines was down to 3,000. I had to take a bone marrow to screen out , lupus and ms. My red bloods are low too, but, the white is lower. I am anemia and my doctor said that the treatment is far to expensive so iam in the same condition. I don't take nothing for the low blood..when i get extremly cold, I take hot baths and a take a shot glass of logenberry wine. It helps me out. My doctor wants to see my 4 times per year to check and see if iam ok.

    Maybe this will help.
  3. swedeboy

    swedeboy Member

    My WBC's are always low. One time they were so low that my Doctor referred me to a hematologist for a bone marrow test, but then my WBC count raised up to just below normal and the Doctor said it wasn't low enough to have to check my marrow. So everytime I get my my WBC checked they are always on the low end.
  4. clerty

    clerty New Member

    mine was 14 I was told I had a virus.
  5. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Thanks for all the responses to my question on low white blood count.

    I was told too it was a virus. I am always cold I take hot showers and live with my heating pad.

    I wish the drs. would find a cure for this it is terrible.

    Keep the Faith
  6. Aelf

    Aelf New Member

    Mine tested at 4,000, but I've only had CFS for 10 months and I'm pretty young...

    I would think rather than an autoimmune disease that it's just a chronic viral infection that's causing our numbers to be low.

    Although things are always different between PWCs, so who knows.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful,

  7. roge

    roge Member

    gwoool - what is your wbc and breakdown

    swedeboy - what was your lowest count when it went down? did montoya have anything to say about Low WBC?

    spacee - been meaning to ask you - what are your lymphocyte counts?

    my wbc are 3900 and lymphocyte is 900

    both just below low cut off. My infectious disease dr, up here finally admitted I have borderline lymphenia but we havent addressed what to do about it. It seems it is more a sign or symptom of something than a diagnosis in and of itself. I have read that Lupus specifically causes low lymphs (< 1500) but my ANA was ok but that was 1.5 yrs ago and I am worse now with new symptoms (difficuluty walking some days) so I am definitely getting my ANA done again soon and I want to see a Rheumy again to get a full work up for Lupus and other autoimmune disorders.

    Who knows what LOW WBC means and what to do about it. I hope with time my ID dr. up here and hopefully Dr. Levine (assuming I see her as still waiting on what she charges /hr) can shed some further light in terms of what it might mean and maybe things to do to increase WBC (and especially Lympocytes for me).

    I have read chronic viruses can suppress WBC and especially Lymphocytes so I think it could be fair to say I could be battling a chronic virus - but who knows?

    For what it is worth I just found out a few days ago I was IGG positive to Parvo B19 (actually one of the few viral and bacterial tests that were actually run up here for me). Now doing PCR and IGM to see if active. I have FM and CFS. I see there is an association between Parvo and FM and other arthritic diseases. My Dr. said he would likely have to battle hard with the Ontario Public lab to do the PCR. I am glad he is and is helping me out more but still the pace is too slow and too much bullshit up here in Canada and having to battle both dr.'s to get a test and then the dr. having to battle the public labs - simply disgusting. Whatever can be done here like the PCR for Parvo great , but rest I am going to USA - had enough of the inflexible system up here.


  8. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Thanks for all respones. My results for low white count is
    out of range 2.7 low 4.8-10.8 k/ul.

    Red count 3.90 low 4.20-5.40 m/ul

    Anyone have these readings.

    I was always told I had a virus too. Just trying to find out what else it means. What other doctor can I go to?

    Keep Smiling
  9. roge

    roge Member

    spacee - thanhs for the reply

    ya .6 lymp is quite low, do you know what the WBC and the Lympocyte counts of those with AIDS are?

    Gwool - ya 2.6 WBC is very low too! I would say see a Hematologist or Immunologist.


  10. roge

    roge Member

    2005 lab work shows Lymph of 19.1??? that doesnt make sense, maybe 1.9 vs. the 0.6 when tested with cheney, so maybe they have increased?

    WBC is at 3.4 in 2005 and were 2.6 in early 90's, so they are higher too, do youi think that is because of treatment or supplements you are taking now?



  11. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Thanks for help! I will look into the doctors you suggested.

    Keep the Faith
  12. roge

    roge Member

    gwoll : you keep the faith too (bon jovi)

    spacee: thx for the clarification on the Lymphs as it was %, and so ya you have around 650 in total as at 2005 vs. my 900....

    appreciate you taking the time to answer me

  13. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...my low counts were leukemia. Always keep on top of low counts, you never know...hopefully it just stays chronically low, but doesn't turn into anything too serious, or maybe even gets better with time.

  14. gwool

    gwool New Member

    Sorry that you are sick. My prayers go out to you. Thanks for responding.

    Keep the Faith!
  15. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...I'm well right now! One year in remission from Acute Myloid Leukemia (AML) as of March 29th!!! Keeping my fingers crossed and praying a lot, my type of Leukemia has a 70% chance of relapse in the first year or two.

    But for now---in remission, enjoying every day and doing great!

    And gwool, you might want to see a hematologist, as someone else suggested---they don't just take care of Leukemia & Lymphoma patients like me, they also deal with any blood-related illnesses; an expert like that might be the one to run even more specific tests, maybe have some answers for you.

    Good luck to you, I hope you can find some help.

  16. gwool

    gwool New Member

    So happy your in remission. Keep up the good work! I will keep you in my prayers!

    Keep the Faith
    Keep Smiling
    Think Positive


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