white coated tongue what is this???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shanwill, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. shanwill

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    I have CFS but have been getting sicker and sicker the last couple weeks. I now seem to have a white coated tongue, fever, naseau and extreme fatigue. The tongue thing is new, any ideas????

    Thanks shan
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    I get this often, & have it now. It is most likely thrush (yeast infection of the mouth). Just tell your doctors office over the phone, they will probably call in a mouth rinse w/out you having to come in. You might also have them put a few refills on it also. With you being sicker, your PH balance orally is probably off. Hold out on the sweets, & anything w/ yeast in it, like donuts, breads, etc. Hope this helps....Lots of times ,some people only have it on the sides of the mouth, or on the roof, but I only get it on the tongue. No matter how much you scrape it off, it won't go away. After you finish the medicine, make sure you get a new toothbrush. Good luck!
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    shan, sorry to here uve been sick few weeks and getting worse. have u seen/called ur Dr. i would escpecially with naseau, fever fatigue and sound to be getting worse i have fm going to check out cfs i feel think i have also but need to read about s&s,
    the white tongue usually presents when a pt. is dehydrated. i worked on ambulance b4 injury hern. c4567discs, surg may this yr inj in 3/02 comp,, lol,, so since the wait was so long for surgery dont think it helped and now have more nerve damg,, fibro,

    i do no how it feels to have the s&s you have its the worst do you take meds? are u runnen short or out, withdrawal symptems?,,,,
    but drink/eat liguid diet due to naseau bland/BRAT diet = bananas rice applesauce toast may help nasea.

    sory dont no much on cfs but will switch boards to read posts on it

    good luck and hope u get to feelen better, hope u have some help at home.. get rest drink fluids, i think some people gen have a whiter tongue than others but if a new thing 4 u than need check out, and with other signs & symptems.

    all my best let me,us know how ur doing
    i feel a fibro crash comen on dr appt 25th, but i cant wait that long gonna call or just walk in make em see me i dont want to go throw it did in sept 15-25 end up in er, admit for 3 days pain control and neck pain etc,,
    if i find out more, ask my paramedic. b/f ill write back. but usually all i know to be is lack of fluids,,but seek professional, ur drs. help mon...asap.

    oh n ur fever how high, how long due u think this is flue symptems or u know, feel w,past cfs its more than that or infection?,,,, bed rest, good movie chicken soup sound good? try it. tons of water!!!!

    best to u
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    My doc just put me on Nystatin to get rid of excess yeast in my system. You might want to ask your PCP about this med. Hugs...Mick
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    Shan, I can't say that this is true for you, however, a white-coated tongue is a classic symptom of Candidiasis. You can Google Candidiasis or Candida Albicans for more info if you are interests. Other symptoms of this condision of extreme fatigue and nausea.

  6. shanwill

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    thanks for the advice. i hope to see my GP tomorrow - lets just hope he helps.....he isn't exactly been known to thus far, so I've just been muddling my own way through the dark.

    thanks again,
  7. sounds like the culprit. i had it very bad and Nystatin helped alot. also will need to alter your diet to help cleanse your system this includes removing certain foods from your diet and limiting others.

    foods to avoid are:

    all forms of sugar even hidden sugars in processed foods and things like honey, and natural sugars

    fruit (due to the natural sugars)

    yeast, gluten, vinegar, mushrooms

    peanuts, peanut butter, pistacios

    alcohol, coffee, black tea, cider, root beer

    aged cheeses

    Processed, dried, smoked or pickled meats

    packaged processed refined foods

    And Limit dairy products

    there are also OTC supplements that might assist in cleansing your system.

    ie. Zand Candida quick cleanse
    Tazo yeast prevention & relief
    enzymedica yeast overgrowth management

    hope this helps
  8. smeyers

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    Hi Shan,
    I had that once a couple of years ago. It was like having mega-strep throat - couldn't swallow anything. Also had a fever and chills, but I don't remember feeling nauseus. Just couldn't get out of bed! My doctor's assistant thought it might be because I'd just had some steroid shots for my back and that had lowered my resistence. Scared the heck out of me because my father had one when he was dying from cancer! He gave me a rinse to use but it took well over a week to go away.

    If you use the rinse, make sure to keep it in your mouth as long as possible. I didn't do that at first and that's why it took so long to get rid of it.

    Good luck.I hope you feel better soon.